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Profeit acquitted of all charges

A Red Deer man accused of attacking a friend while sharing drinks and drugs in her apartment has been acquitted of all charges, including assault with a weapon, aggravated assault and mischief.

John Profeit, 34, was tried before Judge Thomas Schollie in Red Deer provincial court on Wednesday. He was accused of slashing Delsey Lightfoot, 31, while he and his girlfriend were visiting with her in the early hours of Jan. 22.

Schollie said after hearing final arguments from Crown prosecutor Jillian Brown and defence counsel Krysia Przepiorka that there is no doubt Lightfoot was injured at some point during the visit.

A police officer called to the scene at about 3:55 a.m. testified that he found her on the floor of her bathroom, wedged between the tub and the toilet, bleeding from multiple wounds and wearing only a T-shirt and underwear.

Police witnesses said Profeit was found standing partway through an entry door at the Riverside Meadows apartment building. They said the bottom part of his shirt was saturated with blood and that they found blood on the walls and broken glass on the floor in the hallways and at the entrance to the second-floor apartment.

Lightfoot testified that Profeit smashed two framed pictures over her head, but that her memory of the night was incomplete and she could not explain all of her injuries.

Schollie said he found himself unable to believe the victim’s testimony, particularly her statement that the accused and his girlfriend had tried to buy her off.

Lightfoot’s testimony concerning the alleged payments was inconsistent and flew in the face of her oath to be truthful on the stand, said Schollie.

“I believe the police, they did their job. But I do not believe the victim. The money had a lot to do with it,” he said.

Wednesday’s trial was Profeit’s second in less than two weeks. On Oct. 24, he was found guilty before Judge Jim Mitchell of assaulting police officers investigating complaints of an assault on Feb. 10 and of breaching conditions of his release on the Jan. 22 charges.

Profeit, who was held in custody pending the outcome of his trials, was sentenced to six months on the February charges. The sentence was satisfied by six of the eight months he had served in remand at the time.

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