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Psychiatrist supports schizophrenia diagnosis at Lindsay trial

A second mental-health professional offered a similar schizophrenic diagnosis of Mark Damien Lindsay, who is accused of murdering an Edmonton mother.

Dr. Marcel Hediger, a B.C.-based forensic psychiatrist, testified for the defence on Tuesday in Red Deer Court of Queen’s Bench.

Lindsay, 29, is accused of the August 2011 killing of Dana Turner, 31. He is charged with second-degree murder.

Hediger observed Lindsay for more than two months between August and October, 2012. At the time Lindsay was detained on the murder charge. He was charged with the murder in March 2012 and was in custody since then.

Hediger’s two-pronged diagnosis of Lindsay saying he was schizophrenic and an ongoing substance abuse problem that could be linked to psychosis.

At the time, Lindsay was so far removed from having access to illicit drugs, Hediger concluded. Therefore his psychosis during his assessment with Hediger was caused by his schizophrenia. Hediger said Lindsay had been “pretty much” substance free for close to a year.

Hediger pointed to Lindsay’s hallucinations and delusions as some of the foundation that led him to the diagnosis.

Defence counsels Kent Teskey and Curtis Steeves have contended Lindsay should not be held criminally responsible due to psychosis and a paranoid belief of a group of serial killers called Healers out to kill him.

In his police statement, Lindsay said he thought Turner was a Healer sent to kill him specifically.

Lindsay has admitted to committing the murder, but the trial issue revolves around whether or not Lindsay was criminally responsible at the time.

Crown Prosecutors Bina Border and Ed Ring believe the psychosis was drug induced and would then not qualify for a not criminally responsible defence.

Defence closed their case after Hediger’s testimony.

The Crown had no cross examination questions for Hediger.

Trial resumes today with the Crown calling a rebuttal witness, who will also provide expert opinion on Lindsay’s criminal responsibility.

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