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RCMP following Lancaster bullet mystery

Red Deer RCMP are still trying to piece together how at least one Lancaster garage and a house came to be punctured with bullets last weekend.

Police are not saying much about the incident because it is under investigation but they have confirmed it was not gang related or a targeted incident.

“We are still trying to see where the shots came from,” said acting RCMP Supt. David Elliott. “A bullet can travel along way. They can travel up to two miles, depending on the calibre of the bullets.”

The type of gun or the number of bullets have not been confirmed. Elliott said there have been no more complaints of stray bullets since Saturday.

Stray bullets punctured at least one garage and one house early Saturday afternoon. No one was injured.

Elliott was reluctant to speculate but he said the house is on the edge of the city and the bullets could have travelled in from the country. He also said the bullets were down, which indicates they were fired from a distance.

“They may not at the end have a lot of velocity,” said Elliott. “They are slowing down, falling out of the sky. That could have happened in this case.”

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