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RCMP search for suspect who rammed police cruisers

Red Deer RCMP are looking for a suspect who is considered dangerous after he assaulted a police officer and rammed two police cruisers with a stolen truck on Monday.

Police responded to a report of an owner who found his stolen vehicle with a man inside it, parked behind a convenience store at 3801 50th St. around 3:10 p.m.

Two police cruisers blocked the stolen vehicle in its parking stall.

Police activated their emergency lights, identified themselves and ordered the suspect to leave the vehicle.

Instead, they say the suspect put the truck in reverse and rammed the front of one police cruiser, then pulled forward and rammed the front of the second police vehicle.

Officers approached the truck on foot, ordering the man to surrender. But they say the suspect reversed the vehicle again, grazing one of the police officers. Police used batons to break the right and left windows on the vehicle in an attempt to apprehend the suspect, who then rammed one of the police cars a second time, hit another parked vehicle and sped away.

The police officer who was grazed was not injured.

Police did not chase the suspect due to public safety concerns.

The stolen truck was found abandoned at 1:15 a.m. on Tuesday in Oriole Park.

A warrant has been issued for William Clayton Bradshaw, 28, of Red Deer. He is described as Caucasian weighing about 77 kg (170 pounds) and 1.5 metres (five-foot-10) or 1.56 (five-foot-11 metres) in height. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a thin dark brown beard. His forearms have tattoos and he has facial piercings.

He was last seen wearing a baggy white T-shirt and a black hat.

Police are asking the public not to approach Bradshaw if they see him.

Anyone with information about Bradshaw’s whereabouts is asked to contact Red Deer City RCMP at 403-343-5575. To remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or report it online at

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