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RCMP warn motorists not leave children in vehicles

Red Deer RCMP are reminding motorists not to leave children in vehicles after numerous reports of children left at risk this summer.

Children can suffer medical distress, exit the vehicle and go missing, or fall victim to abduction or vehicle theft.

A locked car in the summer heat can act as an oven, heating to dangerous levels in a short time. A child subjected to high temperatures can suffer heatstroke, brain damage and even death.

RCMP say if you see a child in a vehicle without a caregiver in close range, call the RCMP complaint line at 403-343-5575.

Police will need the location, licence plate number and type of vehicle. Follow the instructions of the call taker and remain with the child and vehicle until police arrive.

RCMP caution callers not to break vehicle windows.

Unattended children in vehicles can result in criminal charges and investigations by Child and Family Services.

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