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Red Deer Advocate gains Momentum

The Red Deer Advocate is proud to introduce the 14th edition of what was once known as Report on Central Alberta.

The publication has evolved with a new name, Momentum, and a new magazine-style format.

The name Momentum captures the force and energy of Central Albertans moving into the world. The 2014 edition celebrates men and women who have done the Red Deer area proud as they have succeeded on the national and/or international stage.

Some of the people whose photographs and stories we share will be household names. Others who have claimed international attention may surprise you. One notable duo hails from the animal kingdom.

The range of successes spans the globe and even extends into space. The people we feature come from a wide sphere, including broadcasting, the movies, the music industry, the space program, sports, search and rescue, and the military.

Some of those featured continue to call Central Alberta home. For others, following their dreams has taken them elsewhere. Many share fond memories of the place and the people that gave them their start.

In some cases, the people featured have earned their accomplishments in one field. A few have earned honours in more than one area.

The magazine-style format of Momentum allows readers to read it at their leisure, and save it as a souvenir celebrating some of the many extraordinary people who hail from Central Alberta.

Momentum will be distributed with our Friday Forward publication to all Red Deer households today. It will also be delivered to the Advocate’s rural subscribers today.

If you didn’t get a copy and would like one, or want extras, you can contact Advocate special section co-ordinator Cindy Edge at 403-314-4392 or email

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