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Three missing after Castor house fire

A tight-knit family were the victims of a tragedy Sunday as the house on their farm went up in flames.

Three members of the family are still unaccounted for after a structure fire on a farm near Castor started early Sunday morning.

RCMP K Division said that their investigators have been unable to get onto the scene of the fire because the blaze continued on Monday.

Sandi and Gordon Klaus owned the property and their daughter Monica Klaus was visiting over the weekend. All three have not been accounted for.

Jason Klaus, Sandi and Gordon’s son, said the family was very close.

“We did everything together,” said Klaus. “This whole community knew we were a very tight family. We’d do anything for each other, all the time.

“My mom and dad were do-anything-for-everyone type of people. I lost everybody, I lost everything.”

RCMP Sgt. Josee Valiquette said between 7:30 and 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, Coronation RCMP officers were dispatched to the scene to assist Castor and Coronation firefighters.

“RCMP forensic identification section is working along with provincial fire investigators into this matter,” said Valiquette.

“Because the structure fire is not fully extinguished, it is a problem to our investigators to conduct the investigation and enter the scene.”

Until the fire is out, investigators will not be able to determine the cause.

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