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Wanted man arrested near city school

Wanted after skipping on his parole late last week, a Red Deer man was arrested on Monday afternoon.

Steve Lagace, 29, was arrested without incident at 3 p.m. near Eastview Middle School.

According to a release, Red Deer RCMP were doing regular patrols in the Morrisroe neighbourhood when they spotted Lagace, who police said was driving a stolen vehicle at the time.

The scene was contained on 39th Street with police cars blocking off the intersections at 40th and 30th Avenues.

Lagace was wanted after failing to comply with his probation and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He was convicted of about 40 charges in 2009 and sentenced to five years in jail. Among those charges were theft of stolen vehicles, dangerous driving, assault with a weapon, criminal flight and resisting arrest.

The most serious charges stem from a May 7, 2009, incident where Lagace tried to run down RCMP officers in a stolen vehicle. Two Mounties fired shots at the stolen vehicle, damaging it.

Red Deer RCMP said more information will be released when it is available and the investigation continues.

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