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Sleeping pill use among seniors too common, Choosing Wisely Canada says

TORONTO — A campaign to reduce inappropriate use of health care in Canada is calling for more prudent prescribing of sleep aids among seniors.

Choosing Wisely Canada says about one third of people over age 65 are using sleeping pills, even though the drugs are particularly risky for older adults. READ

Add $46 a year per Canadian to housing budget, cut homelessness: report

Spending an extra $46 per Canadian a year on affordable housing could dramatically reduce homelessness, a new research report concludes. READ

Don’t trample on civil liberties in fighting terrorism, say privacy czars

Canada’s information and privacy commissioners are urging the federal government not to trample on civil liberties in fighting terrorism. READ

New set of rail safety rules announced in wake of Lac-Megantic report

The Conservative government has unveiled a new set of rules aimed at improving rail safety in Canada. READ

Mulcair deems last week’s Ottawa shooter a criminal, but not a terrorist

The shooter in last week’s deadly attack in Ottawa was a criminal, but not a terrorist — according to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. READ

Kuwait plays gracious but uneasy host as Canadian jets join anti-ISIL campaign

Canadian warplanes have taken up position in Kuwait, a country straining to hold back the tide of Islamic extremism from its borders. READ

Justin Bourque apologizes for Moncton shootings, to be sentenced Friday

Justin Bourque apologized Tuesday to the families of the Mounties he shot in the north end of Moncton on June 4, saying in a quavering voice that the reasons he gave to police for killing three officers and wounding two others were the words of an “arrogant pissant.” READ

Parliamentary budget officer says budget for Arctic patrol ships 'insufficient’

There’s a fresh spat brewing between the Parliament’s top bean counter and the Conservative government, this time over Arctic patrol ships. READ

Magnotta murder trial hears details of arrest in Berlin Internet cafe

The dramatic search for Luka Rocco Magnotta ended at a Berlin Internet cafe in June 2012 with an abrupt admission from the accused that he was the person authorities were looking for. READ

Country mourns 'kid at heart’ at funeral for gunned down Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Thousands of people lined the streets of Hamilton on Tuesday to pay respects to a soldier described as a “kid at heart” who was gunned down as he stood ceremonial guard in Ottawa in what the prime minister called a terrorist attack. READ

Race for Toronto mayor closely watched as Ontario voters head to the polls

Millions of people were casting ballots in civic elections across Ontario on Monday but most eyes were on the mayoral vote in the country’s largest city thanks to its outgoing incumbent, Rob Ford. READ

Witnesses heard from Montreal, Vancouver and Europe as Crown winds down Magnotta case

The Crown’s last in-person witness testified at Luka Rocco Magnotta’s murder trial on Monday as the high-profile criminal proceedings entered their fifth week. READ

Justin Bourque targeted Mounties because of “the badge they carried,” says Crown

Justin Bourque was frustrated with his job and wanted to do harm to the oil industry but chose instead to target police officers because of the badge they wore when he killed three Mounties and wounded two others in Moncton, N.B., a sentencing hearing heard Monday. READ

Bill extends CSIS source protection, extends judicial warrant powers

Long-awaited anti-terror legislation introduced today by the Conservatives would strengthen protection of intelligence sources, but it stops short of shielding an identity crucial to proving someone’s innocence. READ

Mourners pay respects in Hamilton to young soldier gunned down in Ottawa

Some brought flowers, others dropped off cards and many wiped tears from their eyes as a steady stream of mourners took a moment on Monday to pay their respects to the young soldier gunned down at the National War Memorial in Ottawa last week. READ

Hope to release Zehaf Bibeau video to the public ’someday’: RCMP commissioner

The country’s top Mountie says it’s his hope to “someday” release to the public a video left behind by the gunman in last week’s attack on the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill. READ

Magnotta murder trial hears from European witnesses

People who crossed paths with Luka Rocco Magnotta in France and Germany while he was the subject of an international manhunt were heard from Friday at his first-degree murder trial. READ

Powder-filled envelope sends employee at Cdn consulate in Turkey to hospital

Canada’s consulate in Istanbul was closed Friday after an employee opened a package filled with yellow powder. READ

Ottawa gunman launched attack with slow-loading, John Wayne-style rifle: experts

Firearms experts say the Ottawa gunman’s choice of a slow-loading, old-time hunting rifle suggests his rampage was either a poorly concocted plan or designed as a one-way trip from the start. READ

Slain soldier riding Highway of Heroes on last trip to Hamilton hometown

Strains of “O Canada” mingled with traffic noise as thousands of people paid their respects to a soldier gunned down at the National War Memorial this week as he made his final journey back to his hometown of Hamilton on Friday. READ

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