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Federal Court overturns farmer Robert Latimer’s travel restrictions

VANCOUVER — A Federal Court judge has overturned a parole board condition that bars Robert Latimer from travelling freely outside Canada without pre-approval.

In a ruling released Tuesday, Judge Michael Manson concluded there is nothing to indicate the 60-year-old Saskatchewan farmer should be prevented from leaving the country or that he poses a danger to society. READ

Winnipeg police analyzing bones found along Red River by volunteer searchers

Volunteers searching for clues about the fate of missing and murdered aboriginal women have found bones along the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg. READ

Mulcair refuses to back 'non-combat’ deployment of Canadian commandos in Iraq

New Democrats are refusing to back Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to send special forces commandos into northern Iraq. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says it’s the only responsible position to take, given the government’s refusal to provide details of the deployment or to allow parliamentarians to vote on the matter. READ

Ottawa man Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh enters surprise guilty plea on terror charge

In a surprise move, an Ottawa man pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing explosives with an intent to do harm as part of a homegrown terrorist conspiracy. READ

Ukrainian President Poroshenko arrives to address joint parliamentary sitting

As Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko arrived Wednesday on Parliament Hill to address MPs and senators, another visiting European official lauded Ukraine’s recent move to pull away from Russian influence. READ

DND struggles to fill mental health positions nine months after suicide crisis

Almost nine months after promising to make the hiring of mental health staff a priority for the Canadian Forces, 40 positions — nearly 10 per cent of the military’s mental health workforce — remain vacant across the country, according to new figures released by National Defence. READ

Taxman wants to catch its own bad apples with internal snitch line

The taxman wants to know if any of his own are up to no good. READ

B.C. teachers, employers reach tentative deal

A tentative deal has been reached in the British Columbia teachers’ strike, a mediator confirmed Tuesday. READ

Currency markets no place for Bank of Canada to intervene, Poloz says

The Bank of Canada is reinforcing its hands-off position when it comes to influencing the Canadian dollar. READ

Defining 'non-combat deployment’ in fight with ISIL a tricky proposition: expert

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says 69 special forces soldiers have been sent to northern Iraq to advise and assist local forces in the fight against the militants known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. READ

PM could be called as witness in Duffy trial: lawyer

Mike Duffy’s lawyer says he isn’t going to rule out calling anyone — including Prime Minister Stephen Harper — as a witness in the suspended senator’s upcoming trial. READ

U.S. government, WHO seek ways to expand production of Ebola drugs, vaccines

High level efforts are underway to find ways to substantially ramp up production of experimental Ebola vaccines and drugs, officials at the World Health Organization and within the U.S. government say. READ

Court hears appeals in mass slaying of eight Bandidos bikers

A bike gang member convicted in what’s believed to be Ontario’s largest mass slaying didn’t know anyone would die that night eight years ago, nor did he help other bikers carry out the execution-style killings, his lawyer argued Monday. READ

New immigrants to Canada not sold on upcoming express entry system

A newly released government study suggests newcomers to the country have misgivings about Ottawa’s intention to ensure would-be immigrants possess skills that are in demand in Canada. READ

Harper rallies Conservative troops at pre-Parliament pep rally in Ottawa

Prime Minister Stephen Harper rallied his political troops Monday, marking the start of Parliament’s fall sitting with a campaign-style rally laden with economic high-fives and tough talk about protecting Canadian values around the world. READ

Harper says no root cause for rise of ’vile’ ISIL, as Baird attends Paris talks

Prime Minister Stephen Harper denounced Monday the widely held view that fearsome new militants in Iraq and Syria have a “root cause” — a stark characterization that questions the reason for his foreign minister’s recent trip to Iraq. READ

Former Arctic priest guilty on several sex charges involving Inuit children

A Nunavut judge has found a former Roman Catholic priest guilty of 24 of the more than 70 sex-related charges he faced involving Inuit children more than 30 years ago. READ

Canada to hand off Arctic Council leadership next spring

Canada is to host its final meeting as head of the circumpolar world next spring after a term in which some say this country’s greatest achievement has been simply holding the Arctic Council together. READ

Ex-Quebec doctor charged with killing his kids gets bail

A former Quebec doctor who is awaiting a new trial on charges he killed his two children was granted bail Friday in a decision that infuriated an uncle of the kids. READ

Airborne mould latest blow to Canada’s crumbling national science museum

A mould infestation at Canada’s national science museum is just the latest blow to a crumbling facility that is jettisoning artifacts, postponing critical repairs and squeezing visitors for new parking fees in a desperate bid to stay afloat. READ

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