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Three Ontario sisters say they were stopped by police for biking topless

KITCHENER, Ont. — Three Ontario sisters who say they were cycling topless when a police officer told them to cover up are organizing a Bare With Us rally to help raise awareness about women’s rights.

Alysha Brilla, a Juno-nominated musician and women’s rights advocate, says the incident happened last Friday when she and her two sisters were riding their bicycles late in the evening down a quiet street in Kitchener Ont. READ

'Incredible’ Manitoba tornado lasted up to three hours: Environment Canada

Officials were tallying damage Tuesday from a tornado that hit rural areas of southwestern Manitoba and lasted up to what Environment Canada called an “incredible” three hours. READ

Baby to inherit millions if proven progeny of murdered West Vancouver man

A Chinese woman trying to prove her baby daughter has sole claim to the fortune of a murdered West Vancouver millionaire has won her bid for a paternity test. READ

Olivia Chow returns to NDP to run in federal election

Former MP Olivia Chow is making a comeback to the NDP ahead of the upcoming federal election. READ

Government reacts cautiously to possible classified document breach

The federal government is saying little about an apparent breach involving classified information — one that could snowball into a serious compromise of closely guarded secrets. READ

Military ombudsman says cadets injured in 1974 explosion were mistreated

Cadets severely injured in a grenade explosion at a military-run summer camp in Quebec in 1974 but ineligible for long-term care were mistreated and deserve immediate compensation, says the Canadian Forces ombudsman. READ

Commander charged with sex-related offences against cadets

The commander of one of the country’s most famous infantry battalions faces serious, sex-related charges, less than a week after the country’s new defence chief pledged to eradicate sexual misconduct in the military. READ

Comedian John Oliver pokes fun at Ottawa amid fallout from Ashley Madison hack

Comedian John Oliver is taking the residents of Canada’s capital to task for their alleged extra-marital affairs. READ

Missing helicopter pilot found 'alive and well’ on ice floe: military

A Russian helicopter pilot survived a crash of his small helicopter into frigid Arctic waters by scrambling into a life-raft and then spending over 30 hours awaiting rescue on an ice floe, military officials said Monday. READ

Two bodies recovered near where two Canadians went missing in New Zealand

New Zealand Police say two bodies have now been recovered in the area where Canadian tourists Etienne Lemieux and Louis-Vincent Lessard went missing earlier this month. READ

Canadian math whiz wins math Olympiad for high school students

The name Alex Song is spoken in reverential tones in Canadian mathematical circles. READ

Public service labour board taken offline after breach discovered last week

Hackers have broken into the network of the tribunal that adjudicates disputes between public servants and the federal government. READ

File breach at electronic spy agency prompts mandatory privacy training

Canada’s electronic spy agency introduced mandatory privacy awareness training for all employees in March following an internal breach involving personal information. READ

Lawyer challenges PM to seek top court’s advice on refusal to appoint senators

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being challenged to ask the Supreme Court of Canada whether his moratorium on Senate appointments is constitutional. READ

Liberals who helped defeat Eve Adams say her loss will help Justin Trudeau

Liberals who helped defeat Eve Adams in her bid to run as the party’s candidate in a Toronto riding say they’ve done Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a favour. READ

Boston cancels Olympic bid as Toronto considers making its pitch

As Toronto considers whether to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, the only other North American city to openly express interest has withdrawn from the race. READ

Groups ask to appeal ruling in favour of ban on voter information cards as ID

Groups opposed to the government’s new voter law are hoping to put their case to a higher court after having their challenge rejected. READ

Justice minister announces millions to implement new victims bill of rights

The federal goverment has announced $54 million in funding to support the implementation of the new Canadian Victims Bill of Rights. READ

Former officer who lied to inquiry gets two years jail and a year probation

The lies a former Mountie told a public inquiry damaged the reputation of the RCMP and undermined confidence in the once-trusted institution, a B.C. Supreme Court judge said Friday. READ

RCMP underscores threat to passenger aircraft from 'extremist insiders’

The sensational case of a Kansas airport worker who planned to blow up a plane could hold important lessons for Canadian security personnel trying to detect a brewing terrorist plot, an RCMP intelligence report warns. READ

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