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Toronto cop believed teen on streetcar was 'in it to fight till the end'

TORONTO — A Toronto officer on trial for killing a teen on an empty streetcar believed the youth was ready to "fight till the end" when confronted by police on a summer night two years ago.

Const. James Forcillo testified Thursday that his concerns about Sammy Yatim appeared founded when he saw the knife-carrying teen jerk his switchblade towards him. READ

Expert says Oland killer would have significant amount of blood on them

The person who killed Richard Oland would have had a significant amount of blood on their hands and clothes, a blood spatter expert testified Thursday as defence lawyers for Dennis Oland began making their case in the lengthy murder trial. READ

Quebec rejects Ottawa's request to put right-to-die legislation on hold

Quebec's health and justice ministers are saying they will forge ahead with the province's right-to-die law despite a request from Ottawa to put it on hold. READ

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Malta for Commonwealth summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived in Malta for the second leg of his three-stop, European conference tour. READ

Excitement palpable among Canadian groups as Syrian refugees set to arrive

Hundreds of people devoted to helping refugees gathered for the start of a national three-day conference on Thursday with a renewed spring in their step and a barely contained excitement. READ

Feds give UN $100 mil for Syrian refugee relief, including work for Canada

The Liberal government has announced its long-awaited $100 million contribution to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to help fleeing Syrians, fulfilling a campaign promise from the federal election. READ

Officer who killed teen on streetcar takes witness stand in his own defence

A Toronto police officer on trial for his deadly shooting of a teen on an empty streetcar says he never intended to kill anyone on the night he confronted Sammy Yatim. READ

Canada's homicide rate remains at lowest levels in almost five decades

Canada's homicide rate remained at its lowest level in five decades last year but aboriginals accounted for a disproportionate number of the victims, Statistics Canada reported on Wednesday. READ

RCMP boss wants warrantless access to online subscriber information

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says the police force needs warrantless access to Internet subscriber information to keep pace with child predators and other online criminals. READ

Canada NATO envoy says Russia not communicating prior to jet downing

Russia repeatedly failed to inform Turkey of its bombing runs over Syria in the weeks leading to Tuesday's downing of one of its jets by Turkish forces, Canada's NATO ambassador says. READ

Syrian refugee population expected to face mental health challenges

Refugees are at a high-risk for mental health issues and often suffer spiked rates of depression and substance abuse, Canadian experts say. READ

Prime minister uses world stage to promote the value of diversity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is using the international stage and a London audience to pitch his Syrian refugee plan as an example of Canada's unique diversity to the world. READ

UBC in damage control mode after failing sexual assault complainants: group

The University of British Columbia seems more concerned about handling a public relations crisis than taking meaningful action to help women feel safe after multiple allegations of sexual assault, says a complainant. READ

Overdose deaths could be reduced if more B.C. doctors used database: report

A new report says overdose deaths could be reduced in British Columbia if more doctors used a provincial database to track prescriptions for pain killers. READ

Most in Canada: report says one in three Manitoba children living in poverty

A child poverty report card says an increasing number of children live in poverty in Canada, but no where is the problem more desperate than in Manitoba. READ

Final report in Quebec corruption probe calls for whistle-blower protection

Corruption and collusion in Quebec are far more prevalent than originally thought, says the Quebec judge who oversaw a lengthy probe into the province's construction industry. READ

10K refugees to come by year end, 15K more by February

The Liberal government will not meet its Dec. 31 deadline to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees and now says it aims to complete the program by February. READ

Expert in DNA analysis takes the stand at murder trial of Dennis Oland

A former scientist for the RCMP who examined evidence in the murder of New Brunswick businessman Richard Oland gave a detailed explanation Monday on DNA analysis. READ

Toronto police doing immigration 'dirty work,' activist groups say data show

Police in Toronto make far more checks with immigration authorities about whether people have proper residency or work documentation than their counterparts in other major Canadian cities, according to a new report by activist and legal groups. READ

ICAO to discuss airport security and other threats at expert panel in March

The International Civil Aviation Organization will focus on airport security at a meeting in March in light of the terrorist attack that recently brought down a Russian airliner in Egypt, a top official of the UN agency the oversees global aviation said Monday. READ

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