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Walked away from Tories because of policy, not pay: NDP leader Mulcair

It was policy, not the paycheque, that prompted Tom Mulcair to walk away from an offer eight years ago to become an environmental adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the NDP leader says. READ

Statistics Canada says gross domestic product edged down 0.1 per cent in April

The Canadian economy slipped in April, hurt by weakness in the mining and energy sectors, to post the fourth consecutive monthly decline. READ

Improving medevac times a must to help Ukrainian soldiers survive, officials say

Defence Minister Jason Kenney says the medical training component of Canada’s military assistance mission in Ukraine will make a real and substantive difference for the country’s battered army. READ

Expanding tax-free-savings limit offers little for lower, middle earners: study

The Harper government’s recent move to raise the contribution ceiling on tax-free savings accounts offers little to benefit low- and middle-income Canadians, a new analysis of federal tax data has found. READ

Smarter approach to defence spending could save $10 billion: report

A new report says there are smarter ways to spend scarce defence dollars that could save $10 billion while at the same time boosting Canada’s military capabilities. READ

Trudeau says a Liberal government would put a price on carbon pollution

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has unveiled his environmental platform, saying he would work with the provinces to put a price on carbon pollution if he becomes Canada’s next prime minister. READ

Report into dentistry scandal calls for complaint system changes at Dalhousie

Dalhousie University should overhaul its culture and the way it handles complaints of sexism in the aftermath of misogynistic comments posted on Facebook by some male dentistry students, says a task force appointed by the school. READ

Second Quebec youth pleads guilty in 2014 triple slaying

Another Quebec teen has pleaded guilty to first-degree murder charges stemming from a triple slaying in a town midway between Montreal and Quebec City. READ

Small number of ’bad apples’ shouldn’t harm Ukraine’s image, Kenney says

Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist Azov regiment is nothing more than “small number of bad apples” who should not be allowed to define the embattled eastern European country’s image, Defence Minister Jason Kenney said Friday. READ

Other third parties should follow HarperPAC’s lead, close up shop, says Kingsley

Canada’s former chief electoral officer is applauding the abrupt end of a controversial Conservative political action committee and calling on similar third-party groups to shut their doors as well. READ

Harper’s ex-parliamentary assistant Del Mastro on $5K bail after night in jail

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro was granted bail Friday after spending one night in jail as a convicted electoral fraudster. READ

Conservatives overrule Speaker, force final vote on controversial labour bill

The Senate is wrapping up a reputation-shredding parliamentary session on yet another controversial note —with Conservatives using their majority to overrule their own Speaker and force a final vote on a widely denounced anti-union bill. READ

Public sector jobs increased more than private sector over decade: report

A new report shows job growth in Canada’s public sector far outpaced that in the private sector over a decade. READ

Oldest active federal access-to-information requests stretch back to 2009

It’s been said the wheels of justice turn slowly, and a new look at Canada’s creaky access-to-information system appears to bear that out. READ

Canada can pursue trade deal while protecting supply management, says Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will defend its supply management system for dairy and poultry while still pursuing one of the biggest trade deals in history. READ

Latest third-party group will help offset left-leaning counterparts: Flanagan

It’s hardly a surprise to see political organizers on the right side of the political spectrum pushing back against union-financed third-party groups on the left, says a former adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. READ

Figures show average wait time was 12 minutes on government 1-800 number

Calling the government to ask about your employment insurance case? Get comfortable — you’re likely to wait more than 10 minutes to talk with someone. READ

Month jail for ’lying’ ex-Harper pointman; Del Mastro can’t run for 5 years

A former member of Parliament who spoke for Prime Minister Stephen Harper when it came to electoral-fraud allegations was sentenced Thursday to one month in jail and barred from running for office for five years for “cheating” during an election campaign. READ

Two dead after shooting in cafe north of Toronto

Two people are dead and two more are seriously injured after a gunman opened fire Wednesday at a cafe north of Toronto. READ

Judge finds man not guilty of chemicals threat, pointing to lack of evidence

A man who was the subject of a manhunt from Halifax to Ottawa over an alleged chemical threat against police walked free Wednesday after a judge said a reasonable person wouldn’t see menace in a rambling email he wrote that the Crown based its case on. READ

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