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Man pleads guilty to manslaughter in death stemming from dispute over lobster

The captain of a lobster boat has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of a man whose body has never been found off the coast of Cape Breton after he was shot at and dragged out to sea in what court documents describe as a simmering dispute over lobster traps. READ

Senate invokes immunity to clock Duffy’s bid for documents

The Senate is using the closed-door hearings involving a disgraced former Liberal senator as a precedent for keeping internal audit information out of the Mike Duffy trial. READ

Parliamentarians must give RCMP gun registry destruction a full airing: NDP

New Democrats are pushing to have the House of Commons ethics committee conduct an emergency study of the RCMP’s illegal destruction of gun registry records. READ

Congressional committee moves to avert trade war over meat labelling laws

A group of U.S. lawmakers hopes to move swiftly to avoid a trade war with Canada. READ

Municipal study sees looming housing problem, urges Ottawa to stay engaged

The country has a looming housing problem that is going to require action from all levels of government, according to a new report from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. READ

CIBC reports insolvencies rising for the first time since the recession

The number of Canadians who can’t pay their debts and are being forced into insolvency is on the rise for the first time since the recession, according to a report by CIBC. READ

Recent climb of loonie, oil prices adds to economic uncertainty: Bank of Canada

The recent rise in oil prices and the exchange rate are adding to uncertainty about the direction of the country’s economy, Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz said Tuesday. READ

Toronto police start year-long pilot project to test body cameras for officers

Toronto police launched a pilot project to test body-worn cameras for its officers on Friday, joining a growing number of forces trying out the technology, which has been greeted with a mix of optimism and caution. READ

No bail for man charged with ’heinous’ beating of Montreal bus driver: high court

The Supreme Court says a man accused of violently beating a Montreal bus driver must return to jail while awaiting trial. READ

Election debates must be “equitable,” but anyone can host them, says CRTC

The country’s broadcast regulator says it’s not going to stand in the way of changes to the way federal election debates are conducted, so long as all the major parties get equitable news coverage. READ

Charges over RCMP response to fatal shootings could lead to better safety: group

An advocacy group for RCMP members said Friday that a decision to take the rare step of charging the force with violations under the Canada Labour Code could lead to safety improvements members have been demanding for years. READ

Tories say dearth of data on vets led to $1.1 billion lapse, despite booklet

Veterans Affairs Minister Eric O’Toole has a simple explanation for a controversial $1.13 billion spending lapse and the subsequent return of the cash to the federal treasury: it’s hard to predict spending when so many elderly vets are dying. READ

Poilievre won’t apologize for taxpayers’ dollars spent on 'vanity videos’

Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre won’t apologize for using taxpayer dollars to produce YouTube videos of himself promoting the universal child care benefit. READ

Canada sets new greenhouse gas reduction target; critics call it weak

Canada has set a new greenhouse gas emission reduction target as it prepares for international talks later this year, but critics say the goal is the weakest among G-7 countries. READ

Homeless woman who was attacked, burned: 'Why would a man do this to a woman?’

Morning is the most difficult time for Marlene Bird — she just wants to climb out of bed and make a pot of coffee. READ

B.C. judge tells jury to drop one of four terror charges against couple

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has directed a jury to enter a not-guilty verdict for one of four charges against a couple accused of plotting to blow up the provincial legislature. READ

Nicholson firm but hopes for some progress after Kerry-Putin talks

Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson is expressing muted optimism that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin could open the door to resolving the Ukraine crisis. READ

Friendly-fire reports expose weakness of Kurdish forces doing battle with ISIL

Defence experts say the tragic friendly-fire death of Sgt. Andrew Doiron illustrates the shaky state of Kurdish forces and just how much training help they need. READ

Brazeau’s accuser grilled as suspended senator’s sexual assault trial resumes

The defence attorney for suspended senator Patrick Brazeau grilled the Crown’s main witness at his client’s criminal trial Thursday as he resumed his determined effort to find gaps in her story. READ

Information commissioner wants Mounties charged; government rewrites the law

The federal information commissioner says the Conservative government is setting a “perilous precedent” by retroactively rewriting Canada’s access-to-information law to absolve the RCMP of wrongdoing. READ

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