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Potential candidates to replace Marois at PQ helm include Peladeau, Drainville

Now that Pauline Marois has tendered her resignation as Parti Quebecois leader, the question within the battered sovereigntist party is who will be the right person to rebuild it. READ

Man arrested after stabbing four co-workers inside Toronto office building

An employee went on a stabbing spree Wednesday, injuring four co-workers inside a Toronto office building, before he was “subdued,” police said. READ

Tax agency cuts off public access to electronic services over security worries

With tax-return season in full swing, the Canada Revenue Agency suddenly locked down its online filing services on Wednesday, fearful of a new vulnerability in software used by much of the world to safeguard secure websites on the Internet. READ

Trudeau vows to repeal entire elections overhaul if he becomes PM

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he’ll repeal the Harper government’s controversial overhaul of election laws if he becomes prime minister. READ

Next Quebec premier says he felt shift

Quebec premier-designate Philippe Couillard says he sensed a political shift on the campaign trail in the lead-up to his Liberals’ crushing defeat of the pro-independence Parti Quebecois. READ

Rob Ford hires Ben Johnson for campaign team

Disgraced Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson and a member of the mockumentary series “Trailer Park Boys” have joined Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s re-election team. Ford emerged from his office at city hall on Tuesday afternoon with Johnson and actor Sam Tarasco to say he’s “excited” the pair will be supporting him at certain campaign events. READ

Feds seek power to break locks off passengers’ checked airline baggage

The Conservative government would like to know how air passengers feel about their checked luggage being broken into — by airport security screeners. READ

Attawapiskat manager facing charges

A man who once handled the finances of the troubled northern Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat faces fraud and theft charges stemming from what police are calling “an isolated incident.” READ

Citizenship oath to the Queen ’repugnant,’ Ontario Court of Appeal hears

Allowing would-be citizens to opt out of a “repugnant” oath to the Queen would cause no harm to anyone and allow them to retain their sense of integrity, Ontario’s top court heard Tuesday. READ

Advocates say bureaucrats sabotaging improvements to veterans care

Veterans of bureaucratic battles over the treatment of ex-soldiers unleashed a scathing critique of the Harper government’s record before a Parliamentary committee. READ

Quebec premier-designate Couillard promises integrity and transparency

A day after guiding his Liberals to a majority government, Philippe Couillard said he intends to give Quebecers the most transparent government they’ve ever had. READ

Once again, Quebecers say non to sovereignty

To former neurosurgeon Philippe Couillard, making sovereignty the ballot-box question in the Quebec election campaign was a no-brainer. READ

Inuit organizing sealfie to protest Ellen’s Oscar selfie

A group that oversees Inuit land claims is organizing a giant photo op to counter the celebrity selfie taken by Ellen Degeneres at the Oscars last month. READ

Oliver pledges tax relief for families once budget balanced

TORONTO — The federal government will move to provide tax relief for families after balancing the budget next year, Finance Minister Joe Oliver said Monday in his first speech to a Bay Street audience since taking over the post last month. READ

Appeal Court set to hear battle over citizenship oath

TORONTO — Ontario’s top court is set to grapple with whether forcing would-be Canadians to take an oath to the Queen, her heirs and successors is constitutional. READ

Public prosecutor not consulted on new role in election law overhaul

OTTAWA — The Harper government did not consult the director of public prosecutions about its controversial plan to put him in charge of the investigative arm of Elections Canada — a move that departs from a long-standing principle that prosecutors and investigators should be kept separate. READ

Quebec leaders make final push for votes

MONTREAL — Pauline Marois made a last-ditch appeal to supporters on Sunday to get out and vote for her Parti Quebecois on election day, ruling out any kind of deals with the Coalition party to shore up her party if it wins another minority government. READ

Field hockey looks to grow in Alberta

Field hockey may be one of the most played sports around the world but there are only about 1,000 players in Alberta. READ

British Columbia’s controversial grizzly bear hunt starts

VANCOUVER — British Columbia’s controversial spring grizzly bear hunt opened Tuesday, with the highest number of tags issued in decades. READ

Class-action lawsuit over moose collisions in Newfoundland and Labrador begins

A class-action lawsuit involving victims of moose-vehicle crashes in Newfoundland and Labrador boils down to whether the province has negligently failed to manage the moose population, a lawyer for the plaintiffs argued as the case began Wednesday. READ

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