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Canada wins a round in ongoing trade battle with U.S. over meat-labelling laws

Canada has won a battle in an ongoing trade dispute with the United States over meat-labelling laws that have hurt the beef and pork industries. READ

Canada won’t send medical staff to West Africa without evacuation plan: Ambrose

Health Minister Rona Ambrose says Canada is looking at options for sending medical personnel to West Africa. READ

No deal on legal-aid funding at federal-provincial justice ministers meeting

Federal, provincial and territorial justice ministers were unable to reach a deal in meetings this week on increased funding from Ottawa for legal aid. READ

Container ship full of oil, diesel adrift off British Columbia coast

A Russian container ship carrying hundreds of tonnes of fuel was drifting without power in rough seas off British Columbia’s northern coast Friday, a scenario a nearby First Nation community described as its “worst fear.” READ

Magnotta murder trial hears from Karla Homolka’s sister, ex-PM’s son

Relatives of a former prime minister and a notorious killer testified at Luka Rocco Magnotta’s murder trial Friday after their names and return addresses were listed on packages sent by the accused. READ

Harper cites spectre of long-dead gun registry, fears 'back door’ resurrection

He says he doesn’t want to sound paranoid, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper is concerned his own federal bureaucracy is trying to bring back the long gun registry “through the back door.” READ

On Twitter, Kenney defends his 'no veils’ policy at citizenship ceremonies

Jason Kenney took to Twitter on Friday to publicly promote his directives while immigration minister to forbid Muslim women from wearing niqabs while taking the oath of citizenship. READ

Next phase of coalition anti-ISIL campaign might involve training Iraqi troops

Canada’s bombing campaign against Islamist insurgents could eventually lead to an Afghan-style mission to train the Iraqi army, but it’s an open question whether the Harper government will commit to such a venture. READ

Magnotta jury watches so-called murder video published on the Internet in 2012

Jurors hearing Luka Rocco Magnotta’s murder trial remained largely impassive this afternoon as they watched a graphic video depicting Jun Lin’s corpse being dismembered. READ

Quebec woman tells harrowing tale of surviving avalanche and blizzard in Nepal

A Canadian survivor of the Nepal avalanche that has killed 27 people is telling a harrowing tale of survival and being buried waist-high in thick, heavy snow. READ

Union, seniors, disabled plan legal challenge over end of home mail delivery

Union, seniors, disabled plan legal challenge over end of home mail delivery READ

Federal bill to expand anti-terror powers through tracking, source shield

The Conservative government plans to amend the law governing the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to give the spy agency more authority to track terrorists overseas. READ

Government ads promoting Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 already on the air

The Harper government has launched a $4-million national ad campaign celebrating the fathers of Confederation and a country that has become “strong, proud and free” more than two years in advance of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. READ

Minister downplays missed deadline in Canada-U.S. border-security pact

The public safety minister is downplaying the Conservative government’s failure to introduce a system designed to track potential terrorists who are joining overseas conflicts. READ

Magnotta murder trial hears how homicide detectives tracked down victim’s head

Luka Rocco Magnotta’s first-degree murder trial has heard that a cryptic fax from a Toronto lawyer led homicide detectives to his victim’s head. READ

Greed, incompetence, neglect behind deadly mall collapse, inquiry finds

Decades of incompetence, neglect, greed and dishonesty by a succession of owners, engineers and municipal officials led to the deadly cave-in of a northern Ontario mall two years ago, a judicial inquiry reported Wednesday. READ

Avalanche and blizzard in Nepal kill 12 people, including 4 Canadians

Officials say an avalanche and a blizzard in Nepal’s mountainous north have killed at least 12 people, including four Canadians. READ

Supreme Court confronts question of whether Canadians can seek help to die

Parliament’s inaction in the face of changing opinion on the right of Canadians to seek help ending their lives means the Supreme Court of Canada must weigh in, the court was told Wednesday. READ

Warning issued to drug users as 31 people in Vancouver overdose on potent heroin

Toxic heroin has resulted in 31 overdoses in two days at Vancouver’s safe injection site — believed to be a record for the facility that opened 11 years ago. READ

Study finds Canadians are still paying too much for generic drugs

A new study has found that Canada is still paying far more than other industrialized countries for generic drugs, despite recent efforts by the provinces and territories to cuts costs by bulk-buying six particularly costly medications. READ

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