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Harper to MacKay: make more DND cuts

A leaked letter shows the prime minister told Defence Minister Peter MacKay last spring that his initial budget proposals did not cut deep enough on the administrative side of National Defence. READ

Harper hailed as ‘statesman

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being hailed as “World Statesman of the Year” by an American organization that previously feted Jean Chretien and British prime minister Gordon Brown. READ

Terry Fox’s brother recalls experience travelling in brother’s van across Canada

The beige van that served as Terry Fox’s home during his 1980 Marathon of Hope journey across Canada is more than just a vehicle. It’s a piece of history that carries many memories for his brother, Darrell. READ

Baumgartner's capture a relief to police

EDMONTON — His Facebook page talked about introducing a little anarchy like the Joker in the movie Dark Knight. READ

Calls build to clamp down on housing, household debt

OTTAWA — Pressure is building on Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to intervene for a fourth time on mortgages to keep Canada’s housing market and household debt in check. READ

Health-transfer plan good for Ottawa, bad for provinces

New projections show Ottawa’s health-financing plan will solve federal fiscal problems at the expense of the provinces — a conclusion that increases pressure on the premiers meeting next week to devise a solid rescue plan for medicare. READ

Court upholds nudity laws

An Ontario court upheld Canada’s public nudity law Thursday, saying it doesn’t infringe on freedom of expression or the right to practise naturism. READ

Rae blames PM for Attawapiskat housing crisis

Liberal Leader Bob Rae is accusing the Conservatives and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of showing a “lack of respect” toward the troubled First Nations community of Attawapiskat. READ

Canada plans $5M embassy threat assessment

The Foreign Affairs Department plans to spend up to $5 million next year for a sweeping intelligence study of potential threats to Canada’s foreign embassies and missions. READ

Federal-provincial table talk to focus on health, pension reform

It’s not officially on the menu, but health funding is certain to be the topic du jour when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty dines tonight with his provincial counterparts. READ

Ottawa offers 22 homes for Attawapiskat

The federal government has agreed to a demand from Attawapiskat for 22 modular homes to bring some relief to the isolated native community that has become a symbol of the brutal plight facing many of Canada’s first peoples. READ

New Bloc leader takes aim at Conservatives, NDP

New Bloc Quebecois leader Daniel Paille came out swinging in his first few moments on the job Sunday, blasting both the Conservative government and the NDP as he vowed to rebuild his shattered party. READ

Canada hopes to reach new climate treaty by 2015: Kent

Canada’s environment minister has praised the agreement on climate talks reached in South Africa on Sunday, and said he was cautiously optimistic a new treaty can be concluded by 2015. READ

Tories to host Twitter town hall

The Conservatives are finally putting the social into their use of social media. Treasury Board President Tony Clement will host the government’s inaugural Twitter town hall this Thursday, taking questions for 90 minutes on the subject of developing an open government strategy for Canada. READ

Three rare sea turtles wash up on B.C.’s coast

Sighting a hard-shelled sea turtle off British Columbia’s coast is extremely rare, so experts are both puzzled and concerned that three such turtles have washed ashore in the last two weeks on Vancouver Island. READ

Man dies after being run over by Christmas parade float in Newfoundland

A joyous day in eastern Newfoundland was marred by tragedy when a man was killed after being run over by a Christmas parade float, RCMP said Sunday. READ

Tories push through massive crime bill

An omnibus crime bill set to pass in the House of Commons today needs to be balanced by crime-prevention efforts, says the head of a major police organization. READ

PM, First Nations must talk housing: chief

The housing crisis in Attawapiskat is glaring proof why Stephen Harper’s winter summit with First Nations leaders can’t just be about education, say chiefs meeting in the capital this week. READ

B.C. teen accused of luring boys over Facebook: RCMP

A young man in Trail, B.C. will appear in court early this month on charges in connection with an online predator investigation. READ

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