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Crushing housing pressure squeezes Attawapiskat community ever harder

The intractable housing crisis plaguing Attawapiskat and many First Nations communities across Canada is brought into sharp focus by Teresa Kataquapit. READ

Supreme Court to rule on parole changes brought in by Conservative government

The Supreme Court of Canada will rule on another piece of legislation from the previous Conservative government's tough-on-crime agenda. READ

Trudeau carries 'D' climate grade, oil support into UN Paris signing ceremony

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be dragging plenty of baggage to the United Nations on Friday when he joins some 150 other countries in signing the Paris climate accord. READ

Children of woman at heart of assisted death debate urge amendments to bill

Parliamentarians are being urged to amend a proposed new law on medically assisted dying by the children of the woman whose suffering was central to the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the ban on assisted death. READ

Judge clears Duffy of all charges in long-running Senate expenses scandal

The once-towering case against Sen. Mike Duffy collapsed utterly Thursday as a judge cleared the man at the centre of the long-running Senate expense scandal -- and delivered a scathing indictment of the "ruthless" tactics of the Prime Minister's Office under Stephen Harper. READ

2 men arrested after allegedly attempting travel to participate in terror group

The RCMP say they've arrested two men in Toronto after the pair allegedly attempted to travel to "international conflict zones" to participate in a terrorist group. READ

Drug-impaired driving concerns have police testing roadside devices

Police across Canada will be testing three saliva-based roadside devices on suspected drug-impaired drivers after a team of forensic scientists studied how they detect the presence of marijuana's main mind-altering ingredient. READ

WestJet responds to proposed class-action lawsuit from former flight attendant

WestJet is rejecting allegations made by a former flight attendant that it fails to provide a harassment-free workplace for its female employees, saying it would not put its reputation at stake by inadequately dealing with complaints. READ

Homolka must be given chance to be re-enter society, say advocates for convicts

Convicted killer Karla Homolka did her time and deserves a chance to start over, say advocates dedicated to helping offenders adjust to life after prison. READ

Not far from the madding crowd: Parks Canada seeks to manage free 2017 influx

When Finance Minister Bill Morneau used a speech in Chicago on Wednesday to toss out an open invitation to Americans to visit Canada's natural splendour in 2017, he may have inadvertently highlighted a potential downside for one of the Liberal government's election promises. READ

Mulcair urges Supreme Court reference to test legality of assisted dying law

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is joining the chorus urging the federal government to refer its proposed new law on medical assistance in dying to the Supreme Court. READ

Police, health officials warn of toxic drug following Edmonton W-18 drug seizure

Police and health officials in Alberta are raising the alarm about a dangerous drug called W-18 that is much more toxic than fentanyl, another synthetic opioid that has been linked to hundreds of deaths in Canada. READ

Canada's shift on tamper-resistant opioids a bitter pill for U.S. coalition

A U.S. coalition led by pharmaceutical companies is accusing Health Canada of abandoning its leadership in the global fight against prescription opioid abuse by failing to enact strict new regulations. READ

Pot law coming next spring: Health Minister Jane Philpott

Health Minister Jane Philpott delivered an impassioned speech at a UN special session on drugs on Wednesday, where she announced Canada will introduce legislation next spring to spark the process of legalizing and regulating marijuana. READ

Race to develop marijuana breathalyzers before Canada legalizes drug

Companies developing breathalyzers to detect THC among suspected cannabis-impaired drivers appear to be entering a crowded field as Canada prepares to legalize marijuana. READ

Pot culture crash? Marijuana legalization in Canada may extinguish drug cachet

Stoner subculture will likely take a hit with the incoming legalization of marijuana in Canada because as the cause vanishes, so will celebration of the drug, say experts. READ

Two pregnant women among seven B.C. residents who test positive for Zika virus

Two pregnant women are among seven British Columbians who recently tested positive for the Zika virus, which has been linked to birth defects. READ

Woman who killed elderly neighbour sentenced to 12 years in prison

An Ontario woman who stabbed her elderly neighbour at least 149 times in an attempt to get money for drugs has been sentenced to 12 years behind bars. READ

Four Canadians now confirmed dead in Ecuador earthquake

Four Canadians are now confirmed dead in the devastating earthquake that killed more than 400 people in Ecuador. READ

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