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Provincial News

Alberta to allow hunters to kill 500 female elk on military base in February

The province is targeting more elk in southeastern Alberta with the hope of reducing a growing herd that has been damaging crops around a military base. READ

Premier says low oil prices punch $6B-$7B hole in budget

Premier Jim Prentice says if oil prices continue to remain low, they will blow a $6 billion to $7 billion hole in the $40-billion provincial budget and no Albertan will be spared the pain. READ

NDP labels Prentice's flagship bill to clean up government 'all hat, no cattle'

Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley says proposed legislation to clean up government is hollow because it's written in a way to allow for quick changes in secret. READ

Court told accused mum in police interview about encounter with peace officer

An Alberta man accused of killing a peace officer refused to talk about what happened when he was questioned by police. READ

Ottawa introduces bill to modernize grain sector rules to help industry grow

The federal government is continuing its overhaul of rules governing the grain sector with legislation aimed at ensuring producers get paid for their crops and to allow for the testing of grain in Eastern Canada. READ

Harper calls oil and gas regs 'crazy economic policy' in times of cheap oil

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has definitively slammed the door on regulating Canada's oil and gas sector, calling it a “crazy, crazy” economic policy under current global oil prices. READ

Athabasca River water very low in lead from oilsands: University of Alberta lab

New research suggests that heavy metals released from the oilsands aren't finding their way into nearby rivers. READ

Canada loses 10,700 jobs in November, jobless rate up slightly to 6.6 per cent

OTTAWA —The Canadian economy shed 10,700 net jobs last month and nudged the unemployment rate up slightly to 6.6 per cent, the latest labour-market survey said Friday. READ

Male prisoner hurt in transport collision on northern Alberta highway

A male prisoner is in an Edmonton hospital with serious injuries following a collision involving a Correctional Services transport van. READ

Police in Alberta city refute social media claim of abuse during arrest

Police in Medicine Hat, Alta., say a video claiming a man was left beaten and bloody after his arrest for what he admitted was a staged event is completely unfounded. READ

Man gets house arrest for role in southern Alberta cemetery vandalism

A man has been sentenced to six months of house arrest for his role in vandalism at a southern Alberta cemetery. READ

Outgoing AIMCo chief says sales tax shouldn't be off the table in Alberta

The outgoing CEO of Alberta Investment Management Corp. says a sales tax should not be off the table in a province whose finances are vulnerable to oil price swings. READ

Concerns about E. coli prompt ground beef recall in Western Canada

Federal health officials are recalling packages of ground beef produced by food giant Cargill due to concerns about E. coli. READ

Prentice and Couillard reiterate their respective positions on Energy East

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice and Quebec's Philippe Couillard met today and discussed various issues, including the proposed Energy East pipeline. READ

Prentice gives Canada a pipeline pep talk

Alberta’s premier is urging the country to get behind several controversial pipeline projects linked to the province’s oilsands, warning that all Canadians will “feel the pain” if they aren’t approved and built soon. READ

Nearing hypothermia: Stranded pair rescued as temperatures dip to -35 C

Mounties and conservation officers used snowmobiles to help rescue two hunters stranded in deep snow as temperatures plunged in Alberta's Kananaskis Country on the weekend. READ

CNRL investigating Alberta pipeline leak; says clean-up in 'advanced stages'

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. said Monday that it's working with the Alberta Energy Regulator to find out what caused 60,000 litres of crude to spill from a pipeline in Northern Alberta. READ

Alberta parents soon can't pull kids out of class when homosexuality discussed

A new bill introduced by the Alberta government will no longer allow parents to pull their children out of class when homosexuality is discussed. READ

Court appearance for Calgary brothers accused in attack on teen at bus stop

t was a brief court appearance for two brothers accused in an attack on a 17-year-old girl in Calgary earlier this month. READ

Mystery illness of Calgary patient is not Ebola: health officials

Alberta health officials say a Calgary patient who was feared to have a potentially contagious illness does not have the Ebola virus. READ

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