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Provincial News

Alberta couple who witnessed fatal Mountie shooting disappointed with support

ST. ALBERT, Alta. — An Alberta couple who witnessed the shooting of two Mounties say they didn’t get enough help to deal with what they experienced. READ

Decision date set on media request for warrants in Calgary mass murder

CALGARY — A date has been set for a ruling on a media request that evidence be released in Calgary’s worst mass murder. Matthew de Grood, who is 23, is accused of stabbing five young people at an end-of-school house party last April. READ

Three men arrested in Edmonton after man base-jumps from a towering crane

Edmonton police are investigating another case of someone parachuting off a structure in the city. Police say a man jumped from a crane Monday night after three men broke into a construction site. READ

Lawsuit by ex-medical examiner in Alberta alleges security gaps, missing guns

EDMONTON — Alberta’s former chief medical examiner says the coroner computer system is so flawed, staff can go in and change a cause of death without a trace. READ

Edmonton mother sentenced to 15 years for abuse of twin girls

A judge has sentenced a mother to 15 years for beating, neglecting and starving her two-year-old twin girls before one of them died in hospital. READ

Premier Prentice, accused of insulting Albertans, sticks to tough-love message

Premier Jim Prentice is not budging from his tough-love message to the province, shrugging off accusations that he insulted Albertans by suggesting they were to blame for their latest economic challenges. READ

Court rules that Calgary man charged in stabbing deaths will stand trial

An Alberta judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to send a man accused in Calgary’s worst mass murder to trial. READ

City wary about new funds; wants to see provincial budget

Local municipal officials are waiting until the provincial budget is released before declaring a boost to capital project funding a win for Red Deer. READ

Alberta plans huge lease sale on caribou range

The Alberta government is selling off more energy leases on endangered caribou habitat and this sale is more than 10 times the size of previous ones. READ

Prentice at centre of storm for suggesting Albertans to blame for fiscal mess

Premier Jim Prentice has stirred up a whirlwind of anger by saying Albertans need to “look in the mirror” if they want to know who is responsible for the province’s fiscal mess. READ

Prentice says all Albertans must fix fiscal mess, won’t increase corporate taxes

Premier Jim Prentice says all Albertans are responsible for getting the province into a financial mess and everyone has to help clean it up. READ

Alberta boy exposed to bedbug pesticide improving: family friend

A child in hospital after being exposed to a pesticide his parents used to kill bedbugs has been taken off a ventilator and moved to a recovery room. READ

Man tried to abduct seven-year-old girl in Red Deer

Police are looking for a suspect who attempted to kidnap a young girl from Kentwood on Monday. READ

Premier Jim Prentice looks to overhaul bargaining with civil servants

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice announced Monday he will overhaul how the province bargains with public-sector workers and review legislation that prevents civil servants from striking. READ

Sentencing hearing begins for Alberta mother who admitted to abusing twins

A social worker has told court that the neglect and abuse of two-year-old twins, one of whom died, is the worst her Edmonton office has ever seen. READ

Court full as preliminary hearing starts for accused in Calgary stabbings

Several people wept softly and dabbed away tears in court Monday as the preliminary hearing began for a man accused in Calgary’s worst mass murder. READ

Warren Buffett criticizes Keystone XL delay, says U.S. ’thumbing nose’ at Canada

The Keystone XL pipeline got an emphatic endorsement Monday from a powerful backer of President Barack Obama who questioned the handling of the file. READ

Four children injured in Three Hills area ATV incident

Three Hills RCMP are investigating after four children under the age of 10 were injured in an ATV incident on Wednesday. READ

Sneaking man suspect in credit card theft

Red Deer RCMP are searching for a suspect in a credit card theft. READ

Suspects fled after two police cars rammed; still on loose

Police are on the lookout for two men after a couple of police cars were rammed and damaged with a stolen vehicle, Red Deer RCMP said on Wednesday. READ

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