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Provincial News

Alberta Agriculture sets up special phone line to report rats: 310-RATS

Alberta Agriculture wants to make it easier to report sightings of rats in the hope of keeping the destructive rodents out of the province. READ

Court records show Alberta Mountie shooter Shawn Rehn a violent criminal

Court records show the man who shot two Alberta Mounties was a violent criminal awaiting trial on multiple charges the day he died. READ

Man fined $4,500 for swimming with endangered snails in Banff National Park

A judge has fined a man $4,500 for taking a dip in a thermal pool in Banff National Park that is home to a type of endangered snail. READ

No decision on retrial for Calgary reservist convicted in training accident

There’s still no decision on whether a Calgary reservist who won an appeal of his conviction in a deadly Afghanistan training accident will face a new trial. READ

Alberta band sues province over consultation policy on pipeline proposal

An Alberta aboriginal band is suing the province after the government ruled the First Nation didn’t have the right to be consulted about a pipeline that the band says intersects its traditional lands. READ

Cheap crude puts economy’s post-recession recovery at risk: Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada says low oil and commodity prices are putting the Canadian economy’s post-recession recovery at risk. READ

Over to you, Obama: Nebraska court clears path for presidential decision on Keystone

The Keystone XL pipeline decision now rests in President Barack Obama’s hands, with a Nebraska court clearing an obstacle that has delayed the conclusion of the years-long debate over the Canadian oil project. READ

’I’m as lucky as I can get for being unlucky:’ Calgary man grazed in shooting

Ryan Korderas thinks he’s the luckiest unlucky man alive. READ

Knows when to hold 'em: Alberta scientists develop unbeatable poker program

Press “enter,” dealer — scientists have taught a computer how to play unbeatable poker. READ

Alberta MLA Rob Anderson says security boosted after getting death threat

Alberta Tory backbencher Rob Anderson says Mounties have stepped up security and monitoring of his home and office following a phone threat to kill him. READ

Observers say Alberta wolf kill to expand despite government denial

Internal government reports say Alberta will have to expand its wolf kill to protect more threatened caribou herds living on ranges heavily disturbed by industry, despite official assurances that no such measures are planned. READ

First court appearance for accused in attack on 6-year-old girl on Alberta reserve

A man accused of attacking and trying to kill a six-year-old girl on an Alberta reserve has made his first court appearance. READ

Most of Canada’s oilsands unusable if world moves on climate: report

A new study says most of Canada’s oilsands will have to be left in the ground if the world gets serious about climate change. READ

Ontario, B.C. to grow faster than Alberta in 2015 due to oil price: economist

Falling oil prices will shift the balance of power among Canada's provinces this year, with Alberta expected to see its growth rate slashed in half, according to Bank of Montreal chief economist Douglas Porter. READ

White House threatens to veto Keystone pipeline bill

The White House says President Barack Obama would veto legislation approving construction of the long-stalled Keystone XL oil pipeline. READ

Domestic violence training important after death of woman who called 911: judge

A judge’s report on an Alberta woman killed by her boyfriend despite calling for help says domestic violence training for police and 911 operators needs to be constantly updated. READ

Cheaper crude oil might actually benefit Canadian economy: RBC study

Perhaps an era of cheap crude won’t be so bad for Canada after all. READ

Parents of man accused of attacking girl say they have moved because of threats

The parents of a man accused of viciously attacking a six-year-old girl on an Alberta reserve say they have been forced to move because of threats of violence. READ

Tumultuous 2014 in Alberta leads to speculation about early 2015 election

After one of the most tumultuous and bizarre years in the history of the Alberta legislature, there is talk that 2015 will see an encore with a surprise early election call. READ

Edmonton police release names of all eight of Phu Lam’s victims

Police have identified the eight people who were gunned down in Edmonton earlier this week by a man who then killed himself. READ

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