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Ad campaign urges drivers to watch the road, not their laps

CALGARY — An ad campaign called “Crotches Kill” has been rolled out in Alberta to discourage drivers from using hand-held devices they hide in their laps to talk, text or watch movies.

RCMP say the $380,000 campaign will target motorists who try to deceive police and also ask the public to consider how quickly danger can surface when they’re not paying attention behind the wheel.

Coinciding with the campaign is a crackdown on distracted drivers, with more than 200 tickets issued since the beginning of the month — more than double the number handed out during the same period last year.

RCMP Supt. Howard Eaton says despite Alberta’s distracted driving law, motorists still aren’t getting the message about the risk of not keeping their eyes on the road.

He says it might be time to strengthen the legislation, possibly through demerit points or stiffer fines.

There were about 19,000 convictions during the first year after Alberta’s distracted driving law took effect, with about 95 per cent of them involving hand-held devices.

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