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Dismissed Edmonton police officer denied chance to get his job back

EDMONTON — An Edmonton police officer who was dismissed over an off-duty offence has been denied another chance to get his job back.

The Alberta Court of Appeal has rejected Adam Kube’s request to have his case presented at another hearing.

Kube faced internal discipline after he went to a police traffic stop to help a female friend who had purchased a motorcycle from him.

Police stopped the motorcycle because it wasn’t registered and had no insurance.

Kube arrived and produced an insurance pink slip that turned out to be invalid.

He was found guilty of corrupt practice and was dismissed by an Edmonton Police Service disciplinary board. That decision was upheld by the Law Enforcement Review Board in September.

Kube appealed on the grounds that the wrong standard of review was applied and that the review board failed to provide any sufficient reasons for its ruling.

The Appeal Court said there was “no overt error in the way that the board discharged its jurisdiction.”

“The board stated repeatedly that it was applying the reasonableness standard, and there is no indication it did anything else.”

The court concluded the board’s handling of Kube’s review and its subsequent decision “do not reveal any issue that warrants a further appeal.”

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