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Party affirms social beliefs

The Social Credit Party’s policy convention has outlined new platforms that bolster the group’s social conservative credentials.

Party Leader Len Skowronski said existing Alberta political parties that brand themselves as conservatives have left behind their social conservative beliefs.

He calls “on all Alberta social conservatives to join the Alberta Social Credit Party in stopping this downward slide of moral standards to the lowest common denominator.”

The party held a policy convention on Saturday in Innisfail and outlined new party policies, with a focus on sex education and adoption.

“We had a very good discussion,” said Skowronski.

“We had some young people who have come into the party, very intelligent, knowledgeable and gung ho about getting our party going.

“A lot of these people are pro-life, so we are the only party that really stands for the pre-born children and other things like traditional marriage . . . . There are two parties that claim they are conservative, but they’re not conservative anymore, they’re not even fiscal conservative.”

The Socred party wants to teach children as part of sexual education the impact having a baby will have on their lives “so they will fully understand the consequences of their actions.”

They also want to require that children be taught in school from a young age that there is a government body that will match babies with loving, caring families.

And they propose to expand the influence of Alberta Adoption Services to work with pregnant women who do not have the parenting skills to be a parent or the desire to be a parent, to match them up with prospective parents who want to adopt a child.

In a release, the Social Credit Party said the Progressive Conservative party and Wildrose are racing to lose their social conservative roots, with the Wildrose getting rid of their social conservative policies at their last annual general meeting.

“We’re going to put up the banner and say those people who still stand for morals and ethics have a party to vote for,” said Skowronski.

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