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Police check allegation woman didn’t get care for sex attack

EDMONTON — Edmonton police have launched an internal investigation into a mid-February arrest of an 18-year-old woman over her allegations she didn’t initially receive medical care for a reported sexual assault.

Police say they were called to a motel to check on the welfare of a woman.

Police say that officers asked paramedics to check on the woman, who was then treated on scene.

They say she gave no indication she had been sexually assaulted but officers found she was in breach of release conditions and had warrants out for her arrest, so she was taken to the Remand Centre.

Police say she told Remand Centre staff about the alleged sexual assault a day later, at which point she was taken to a nearby hospital and a rape kit was done to collect evidence.

Deputy Police Chief Brian Simpson said no official complaint has been launched against police but he said the allegations are being taken seriously and the matter will be investigated.

An Edmonton youth worker has come to the young woman’s defence, saying he hopes she will file a formal complaint.

“I’m hoping she’ll come forward, but quite frankly I don’t blame her if she just closes the doors on the world,” Mark Cherrington said.

“She has little faith or hope, in my opinion, with the department of justice.”

He said police essentially ignored her assault complaint, telling her to come back after she was out of jail.

“To be honest this girl is so traumatized I don’t know if she’s got the will power to even make it to the police station and follow through on anything.”

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