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San Diego judge indicates he’ll dismiss right-to-die lawsuit by terminally ill Californians

A county judge has indicated he will dismiss a lawsuit by terminally ill Californians seeking the right to choose when to end their lives. READ

In a tactical shift, Turkish warplanes strike Islamic State targets across the border in Syria

In a major tactical shift, Turkish warplanes struck Islamic State group targets Friday across the border in Syria, Turkish officials announced — a move that came a day after IS militants fired at a Turkish military outpost, killing a soldier. READ

Theater gunman’s family called him mentally ill and violent; hid his guns

The man who killed two people and wounded nine others at a movie theatre was so mentally ill and violent that years ago, his wife hid his guns and his family had him hospitalized against his will before obtaining a court order to keep him away. READ

U.S. Congress members express concern over timing of Canadian oxycodone rules

Some members of the U.S. Congress are concerned Canada is taking too long to force all oxycodone producers to make tamper-resistant forms of the drug. READ

Bombs kill 53 as Nigerian leader warns US refusal to sell arms hampering war on Boko Haram

Bomb blasts blamed on Boko Haram killed 29 people in Nigeria and 24 in Cameroon, officials said Thursday after Nigeria’s new president warned that the U.S. refusal to sell his country strategic weapons is “aiding and abetting” the Islamic extremist group. READ

US-trained Iraqi troops to join Ramadi counteroffensive

For the first time, Iraqi troops trained by the U.S.-led coalition have been added to the assault force Iraq is using to retake the city of Ramadi, a U.S. military official said Thursday. READ

Border agents pull out of Trump events as he forges ahead with contentious visit

A local border patrol union pulled out of events involving Donald Trump on Thursday as the Republican presidential contender charged ahead with his visit at the Mexican border to highlight his hardline stance on illegal immigration. READ

Bailout talks move back to Athens, as tough new conditions approved

Discussions over Greece’s third bailout in five years are set to begin in Athens imminently after Greece’s parliament approved Thursday tough new conditions set by European creditors. READ

Hundreds of Ukrainian right-wingers hold anti-government rally in Kyiv; call for a referendum

KIEV, Ukraine — Hundreds of Ukrainian right-wingers were rallying in Kyiv on Tuesday to protest against government policies in the wake of a deadly stand-off between radical nationalists and police in the country’s west. READ

Gunman attacks 2 military sites in Tennessee; 4 Marines and shooter are killed

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A gunman unleashed a barrage of fire at a recruiting centre and another U.S. military site a few miles apart in Chattanooga on Thursday, killing at least four Marines before he was shot to death by police, and sending service members scrambling for cover as bullets smashed through the windows. READ

Stampede kills at least 27 people during Hindu religious bathing festival in southern India

At least 27 people were killed and dozens injured Tuesday in a stampede during a Hindu religious bathing festival on a river bank in southern India. READ

Greece pledges to crack down on tax evasion as a way of life as part of bailout tax reform

Dimitris Bokas keeps meticulous records of the bathroom fixtures he sells from his small shop in the quiet middle-class residential neighbourhood of Koukaki near the centre of Athens — just in case a tax inspector makes a surprise visit to ensure Greece’s 23 per cent sales tax is being collected and reported correctly. READ

Canada and Ukraine sign free trade agreement, discuss Russian aggression

Canada has reached a trade agreement with Ukraine that will eventually see a near elimination of duties on goods coming into Canada from Ukraine. READ

Embattled Israeli leader suffers setback with nuke deal, faces tough task fighting it

The U.S.-led nuclear deal with Iran on Tuesday dealt a heavy personal blow to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, leaving him at odds with the international community and with few options for scuttling an agreement he has spent years trying to prevent. READ

Premier Rachel Notley downplays oil price concerns after Iran nuclear deal

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley downplayed concerns Tuesday that a lifting of Iranian sanctions would harm the province’s energy sector, though experts warned the Islamic republic’s nuclear agreement could result in an increase in global oil supply, thereby pushing back any recovery. READ

Obama, Iran’s leader praise nuclear deal

Iran, the United States and other world powers struck a historic deal Tuesday to curb Iranian nuclear programs and ease fears of a nuclear-armed Iran threatening the volatile Middle East. In exchange, Iran will get billions of dollars in relief from crushing international sanctions. READ

Iraq announces a large-scale operation to oust Islamic State militants from Anbar province

The Iraqi government began on Monday a long-awaited large-scale military operation to dislodge Islamic State militants from Iraq’s western Anbar province, a military spokesman announced. READ

With historic nuke deal in sight, US and Iranian negotiators dig in over UN arms ban on Iran

A historic nuclear compromise within sight, American and Iranian negotiators struggled Monday to clear the final obstacles to an agreement aimed at eliminating the threat of a nuclear-armed Tehran. READ

Greece reaches deal with eurozone leaders, avoiding financial collapse and euro exit

After grueling, often angry negotiations that tested the limits of European unity, Greece on Monday won a preliminary deal that averts financial catastrophe but also guarantees years more of hardship and sacrifice for its people. READ

Canada funds ballot box training in addition battle schools in Ukraine

Canada, along with its allies, have dusted-off a Cold War playbook in order to push back against Russian influence in Ukraine. READ

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