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Russia fishing ship with 32 crew in trouble near Antarctica; ice hampers rescue effort

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A Russian fishing vessel with 32 crew members was in trouble and taking on water near Antarctica on Friday. Heavy sea ice was hampering rescue efforts, and officials said it could be four or five days before anybody reaches the ship to try to rescue the crew. READ

Italian court says evidence in Knox murder case didn’t hold up

MILAN, Italy — No murder weapon. Faulty DNA. No motive. Even the time of death was wrong by nearly an hour. The Italian appeals court that cleared Amanda Knox in the killing of her roommate explained its ruling on Thursday: The evidence just didn’t hold up. READ

Doctor remorseful ahead of sentencing for transporting drugs

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Canadian doctor who treated Tiger Woods and other big-name athletes wrote to a judge Thursday he never intended for what began as a few trips to see American patients to turn into a long-running practice and a criminal record for bringing unapproved drugs across the border. READ

Gingrich assailed by Republican foes at debate, compares self to Reagan

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Republican front-runner Newt Gingrich likened himself to Ronald Reagan and insisted in a campaign debate Thursday night that he can defeat President Barack Obama in 2012, adding it was laughable for his rivals to challenge his conservative credentials. READ

Syria death toll rises to 5,000: UN

The death toll from Syria’s crackdown on a 9-month-old uprising has exceeded 5,000 people, the top U.N. rights official said Monday, as Syrians closed their businesses and kept children home from school as part of a general strike to pressure President Bashar Assad to end the bloodshed. READ

Russian billionaire to challenge Putin for presidency

After a week of surprising challenges to his authority, Vladimir Putin faces a new one from one of Russia’s richest and most glamorous figures: The billionaire owner of the New Jersey Nets says he will run against him in March’s presidential election. READ

US, Iraq leaders pledge to maintain strong ties

President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki met at the White House on Monday to discuss the next phase of the relationship between their countries, with the U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq facing its final days. READ

Greek inmates surrender after failed escape attempt

Four inmates who had tried to escape from a Greek prison surrendered to authorities after a five-hour standoff Monday, releasing a total of 28 hostages and handing over a .45-calibre pistol and three kitchen knives, the Ministry of Justice said. READ

Syrian troops battle army defectors

Syrian troops battled army defectors Sunday in clashes that set several military vehicles ablaze. The fighting and other violence around the nation killed at least eight people, activists said. READ

New course set for future talks on global warming

A UN climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement on Sunday on a far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change. READ

Russia's president announces probe into alleged election fraud

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced on his Facebook page Sunday that he has ordered a probe into the allegations of electoral fraud during the country’s Dec. 4 parliamentary vote. READ

Putin’s party accused of stealing parliamentary election

Several thousand protesters took to the streets Monday night and accused Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s party of rigging this weekend’s parliamentary election in which it won the largest share of the seats. READ

Negotiations begin to rescue climate treaty

Back-room negotiations have begun in earnest on a deal to rescue the only treaty governing greenhouse gas reductions and to launch talks on a broader agreement to include the world’s largest polluters: China and other emerging economies, the United States and Europe. READ

Blood diamonds regulator fails to address tyranny, violence: watchdog

major human rights watchdog on Monday left the international body charged with keeping blood diamonds off the market, accusing the regulatory group of refusing to address links between the gems, violence and tyranny. READ

NASA finds planet very similar to Earth

A newly discovered planet is eerily similar to Earth and is sitting outside our solar system in what seems to be the ideal place for life, expect for one hitch. It’s a bit too big. READ

Putin’s party losing support

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s party struggled to hang onto its majority in Russia’s parliamentary election, polls and official results showed Monday, suggesting Russians were wearying of the man who has dominated Russian politics for more than a decade. READ

Syria says it’s still open to Arab League observer plan

Syria said Sunday it is still negotiating with the Arab League over the bloc’s request to send observers into the country, as tightening sanctions by Arab and other nations fail to halt the eight-month crackdown on anti-government protesters. READ

Ex-UN climate chief faults world leaders for not guiding talks

Yvo de Boer said he left his job as the U.N.’s top climate official in frustration 18 months ago, believing the process of negotiating a meaningful climate agreement was failing. His opinion hasn’t changed. READ

E-car to debut in Paris

Paris, in its latest bid to be an innovator of the City of Tomorrow, is launching an electric car-sharing program to cut air and noise pollution on the city’s medieval cobblestone streets and beyond. READ

Iran shot down unmanned US spy plane along border

Iran’s armed forces have shot down an unmanned U.S. spy plane that violated Iranian airspace along the country’s eastern border, the official IRNA news agency reported Sunday. READ

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