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Jurors begin deliberating charges against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Jurors in the federal death penalty trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev began deliberations Tuesday, a day after both prosecutors and his lawyers told them Tsarnaev must be held accountable for participating in the terror attack. READ

Once an afterthought in trial planning, Guinea may provide Ebola vaccine answers

When research teams planning clinical trials of Ebola vaccines were divvying up West Africa last fall, no one wanted Guinea. READ

Canadians take 3,300-kilometre road trip to Kentucky in fried chicken pilgrimage

A road trip of more than 3,300 kilometres through two provinces and fives U.S. states might seem like a long way for some Canadians to go for fried chicken. READ

Pakistan says Saudi-led coalition in Yemen wants troops

A Saudi-led coalition targeting Shiite rebels in Yemen has asked Pakistan to contribute soldiers, Pakistan’s defence minister said Monday, raising the possibility of a ground offensive in the country. READ

UN official: State of Syrian refugee camp 'beyond inhumane’

Palestinian fighters clashed with Islamic State militants in a heavily contested Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital on Monday as a United Nations official described the situation in the embattled camp as “beyond inhumane.” READ

Columbia Journalism dean on review of Rolling Stone rape story: This was not ’Jackie“s fault

Rolling Stone magazine’s expose of what it called a culture of sex assaults at the University of Virginia was rife with bad journalistic practice, and “Jackie,” the student at the centre of the story, is not to blame for the magazine’s failures, Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll said Monday. READ

Cuban property not up for grabs, despite warmer relations with U.S.: envoy

Cuba’s ambassador to Canada says the warming of relations with the U.S. won’t open up his country to international real estate buyers. READ

Canadian couple sues sperm bank after donor info allegedly not fully disclosed

A Canadian couple is suing a U.S.-based sperm bank after allegedly learning that the donor they used through the company is a schizophrenic with a criminal record. READ

A torture-denouncing CIA agent shares his tales following two years in jail

John Kiriakou claims to have achieved an exceedingly rare double-distinction for a federal inmate upon his incarceration: being greeting warmly by black nationalists from the Nation of Islam, and invited to dinner by white supremacists. READ

As Kenya mourns, survivors of campus attack give harrowing accounts of bloodshed

The 20-year-old student called home from the university being besieged by Islamic militants and frantically told her father, “There are gunshots everywhere! Tell Mum to pray for me — I don’t know if I will survive.” READ

Canadian naval vessel contributes to large drug bust off Costa Rica

The Department of National Defence says a Canadian naval vessel was part of a large drug bust last month in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica. READ

Iranian President Rouhani pledges his nation will abide by its commitments in nuclear deal

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has pledged his nation will abide by its commitments in the nuclear agreement reached the previous day in Switzerland. READ

Co-pilot repeatedly accelerated plane as he drove it down into Alps

The co-pilot of the doomed Germanwings flight repeatedly sped up the plane as he used the automatic pilot to descend the A320 into the Alps, the French air accident investigation agency said Friday. READ

Co-pilot Lubitz had researched suicide methods, cockpit door security

The co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 appears to have researched suicide methods and cockpit door security in the days before he crashed the plane into the French Alps, killing everyone aboard, German prosecutors said Thursday. READ

U.S., Iran, other world powers reach framework for completing nuclear pact within 3 months

After marathon negotiations, the United States, Iran and five other world powers announced an agreement Thursday outlining limits on Iran’s nuclear program to block it from developing atomic weapons and directing negotiators toward a final accord this summer. READ

Al-Shabab gunmen kill 147 at university in Kenya; 4 attackers slain by troops to end siege

Al-Shabab gunmen rampaged through a university in northeastern Kenya at dawn Thursday, killing 147 people in the group’s deadliest attack in the East African country. Four militants were slain by security forces to end the siege just after dusk. READ

Canadian teacher Neil Bantleman found guilty in Indonesian sex abuse trial

An Ontario teacher found guilty Thursday of sexually abusing three children at an Indonesian school said he will appeal the decision. READ

Teen son of Canadian diplomat plans not guilty plea in Florida killings

The teenage son of a Canadian diplomat accused of being an accessory to murder plans to plead not guilty if formal charges are laid against him, his lawyer told The Canadian Press on Thursday. READ

No new passport for Famhy in Egypt until he is cleared to travel: Nicholson

Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson says Mohamed Fahmy can only get a new Canadian passport once Egyptian authorities give him the green light to travel. READ

Canadian warplanes in final preparations to extend bombing campaign into Syria

The commander of Canada’s combat operations in the Middle East says preparations to send air strikes into Syria are in the final stages and bombs could be falling on Islamic State targets within days. READ

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