Today’s Cartoon: Oct. 21

No candy for you



Today’s Cartoon: Oct. 20

Really, really offensive


Zemanek: No sympathy for Braggart killer

Former Red Deer man Ronald Allen Smith who murdered two men wants to come home


Letter: Unite the right

As a past member of the Conservative party and Wildrose Party, I am not happy with parties thinking they can each win the next election on their own.

Hebért: Diversity approach should be defended

Canada should embrace rather than brace for a challenge to its immigration and integration model.


Today’s cartoon: Oct. 18

Freedom of speech


Neiman: I like the carbon tax because it makes me money

I can hardly wait for January to arrive so our household can collect its first $300 rebate cheque.


Today’s Cartoon: Oct. 18

Trudeau’s one year anniversary


Dyer: Banning HFCs: Too Late and Too Slow

The majority of the world’s countries will only have to freeze their production level in 2024.


Today’s cartoon: Oct. 17

Meanwhile …. somewhere in America


Letter: Carbon tax to drive prices

Neiman, a strong NDP supporter is towing the company line to pop a few buttons on the NDP carbon chest.

Wells: Liberals are taking a gamble by reversing election promises

What’s a government to do when promises start to unravel? We’re about to find out.

One size family policy doesn’t fit all

Questions being asked on both sides of the border

Hébert: One year on: Promises, what promises?

Many voters who did not support Trudeau last year are on balance happy he won

Salomons: Rights of the poor question leads to passionate answers

Dignity belongs to life not death; furthermor it is ours to give

Hay: The time machine is quite a ride

Everybody has a favourite song. Or two.

Dyer: It’s a tale of two (Middle Eastern) cities

Mosul and Iraq both under siege

Troy Media: Marching toward a world without genocide

When we honour the vicitms of genoice, we are changed

Stewart: Kenney’s flawed vision of Alberta and its politics

Kenney is asking PC party members to put their faith in a path that has already failed

McGarvey: Society can be inspired to rise from its ashes

This is an anxious time: we are overwhelmed by economic, social and environmental concerns