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The weakness of human nature

We humans are a very fickle lot, aren’t we? It’s expressed well in the nursery rhyme, “Pease Pudding hot, Pease Pudding cold, Pease Pudding in the pot nine days old.” Some want it this way and some the other and no one seems to be able to get everyone on the same track.

Reading the newspaper or watching the news is a perfect way to find out just how fickle we really are. Consider this:

A drunk driver kills the parents of a family and receives a few years in prison; then is released early for good behaviour and he is no longer considered a risk. Or the alcoholic cement truck driver who got one year for every one of the five people he killed, and is granted day parole after two years.

MADD is constantly after the government to toughen the rules on drunk driving, so the rules are toughened by extending the amount of time a convicted felon will lose his licence. In the meantime, the prison sentences are getting shorter; in all likelihood, because we can’t afford to keep them in jail.

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Reflecting on the circle of life

Any day now, as a matter of fact any moment now, we expect the ‘Call.’ My wife is on pins and I’m on needles (the anticipation kind, not the drug kind) while we wait in expectation.

All the while life goes on as if this call was important to no one except us.

Can you imagine that? Meals are still being served, alcohol and Listerine are still flowing, and drugs are as rampant as ever.

A couple of weeks ago a real sweet lady passed away.

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Backseat chaos pushes Dad to the edge

Many a special memory is born on long road trips with the family, though some of those ‘memories’ a guy might just as soon forget.

For my family, summer usually means at least a few journeys down the highway, be it camping trips or visits to the family farms.

My wife, Amanda, has become an expert on packing the essentials for keeping our two young boys occupied during long hours restricted to the confines of their car seats.

The checklist for a four-plus hour trip includes:

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The keys to a successful marriage

My wife and I had the pleasure to witness the very rhapsodic day of a Filipino-Canadian couple in Red Deer on June 28.

The wedding ceremony of John Michael Flores and Michelle Aquino, both siblings of immigrant families from the Philippines, was solemnized by Rev. Josef Wroblewski at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

The reception was held at the Sheraton Hotel.

Maui (John’s nickname) is the oldest son of Frederick and Evelyn Flores of Antipolo City, Philippines, while Michelle is the youngest daughter of Delfin and Susan Aquino of Manila, Philippines.

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Making it all add up

Whenever the education experts (including media pundits), government bureaucrats and parents would all line up to bemoan the latest international test scores of Alberta students — and then proceed to blame the teachers for them — I would always tell myself how glad I was that my kids were safely out of school.

And then I started having grandchildren. Does this mean I have to be invested in the next round of the “new math” debate, all over again? I guess so.

Here’s a question from an international Grade 8 level math test: Find 1/3 minus 1/4.

Four possible answers below the question are presented to test whether the student knows the method to finding the answer, which is 4 minus 3 over 3 times 4 (that’s 1/12 in the old math I was taught).

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