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Society needs to find a way to control drug culture

We were enjoying that long anticipated visit with our two most beautiful granddaughters in the world (the parents were thrown in as a bonus), when I received a text saying that the kitchen had been flooded and that there was extensive damage on two floors.

On my return, I of course went to the kitchen to re-orient myself with the week coming up.

As I walked in the door, I could smell that there had been water all over, but the kitchen for the most part still looked fairly normal.

Within a few days, the story developed to the point that I could guess what had happened.

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The Analogy of Life

My wife bought ornamental plants recently.

The plants were very robust and beautiful.

I don’t know the name of those plants, but I can remember their yellow and red blossoming flowers.

She bought the plants with two big pots.

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A letter to new parents

Dear Happy Couple:

Congratulations on your pregnancy or new baby! You are about to embark on an exhilarating, exhausting, life-altering journey that you are totally and completely unprepared for!

When our first child was born almost four years ago, I was nervous, but confident — perhaps even a tad cocky. I’d given fatherhood some thought, I’d taken some mental notes as a kid and I’d observed some of our friends with their own children.

As we neared our delivery date, I remember thinking to myself: “OK, Leo, you’ve got this.”

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How things have changed

While staying in a log cabin motel just north of Fort St. John, B.C., I had just finished reading a book about living in the early 1960s. We were on our way to see our new granddaughter, and so it made this a perfect time to reflect — after all, my first home in Canada was a log cabin.

I grew up during the 1950s and ’60s and a lot of things happened in the world at that time in history. Retrospect says that life was much simpler then, but was it? And is it a better or worse time right now to raise a child?

I remember at age 13 or 14 biking with friends to Burbank, just east of Blackfalds, with a sheet of plastic for a tent, a blanket and a few cans of beans; nor was not uncommon to hitchhike to Sylvan Lake for the day. If our parents had reason to be concerned for our safety, they would not have let us go.

Today it seems as if all parents watch with trepidation and fear as their child leaves to walk three blocks to school.

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Life can be like a berry

During my beginning teen years, I use to spend a lot of my summers on friend’s farms near Rocky Mountain House and I loved it!

We would have a few chores to do, of course, and then we were able to spend a lot of time playing.

One of the more pleasant chores was to go into the woods and pick wild blueberries and strawberries. The blueberries were picked with a homemade scooping tool while the strawberries were picked individually by hand.

The pies and other desserts made with these wild berries were only half an inch from heaven!

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