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Dr. Johnson - Red Deer Advocate

Kiss mono goodbye

Twelve months after being diagnosed with mononucleosis (mono), a mother brought in her 11-year-old daughter to my clinic with concerns of her continually being sick and an abnormal amount of fatigue.

There was no explanation except that she had just not been the same since having the mono infection.

The fatigue, dizziness, nausea and low-immune function were to the point of interfering with this young girl’s ability to function as a normal 11-year-old. These persistent health concerns had finally reached a tipping point. The patient and her mother needed a solution to this ongoing health crisis. I felt bad for this young girl as she sat slumped in the chair in my office during the entire office visit, looking exhausted.

She had a full and appropriate assessment from her family doctor but nothing was showing up positive on her blood work or urine tests.

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Spring clean your body — part 2

Spring has officially sprung! Many people have kicked off the season by starting to refresh and revive their lives.

Following up from my last column, where I discussed the importance of “spring cleaning your body” essentially from “the inside out” through an annual detox, I’d now like to focus on what you do to keep on top of the ‘toxic clutter’ in the meantime?

The key to detoxification is boosting your biggest organs of elimination‚ the liver, colon, skin and kidney’s. Below are some strategies to try at home that will do just that, and can be done every day!

• Castor oil liver rubs: Castor oil has been used for decades to increase circulation to any area where it is applied topically. When applied to the liver region of the body (upper right abdomen), it brings blood and nutrients to the liver, and increases the flow of toxins into the colon and out of the body. Warm a small dollop before rubbing it into the skin. This is best done before bed and kept on overnight for maximum benefit.

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