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Dr. Johnson - Red Deer Advocate

Have we forgotten how to eat?

We now live in a world that has more diets out there than ever before. Everything from the Paleo diet, the Hormone diet, to juicing and 10-day diets.

Information about every single nutrient we eat is easily accessible through the Internet and mobile apps, allowing individuals to dissect their foods to the smallest degree.

This has led to labeling and mass marketing in the grocery store for statements such as “low fat,” “high fibre,” “low sodium,” “healthy choice” and “natural.”

There are even supposed “superfoods” that have become ingrained in our minds through heavy promotion to ensure that these foods are being consumed on a regular basis to ensure optimal health.

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Food introduction for your child

Preventing allergies in babies and issues such as colic, eczema, asthma and digestive problems are growing priorities for many parents.

One of the most common topics that parents want to discuss in my practice is regarding the process of food introduction with their infants.

I believe when to introduce foods is changing as new evidence has many of my colleagues and I making new recommendations to our patients.

The evidence is showing that introducing small amounts of food much earlier, even highly allergenic ones, can prevent future allergies.

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67 per cent of Canadians are vitamin D deficient

Are you among the 67 per cent of Canadians who are vitamin D deficient?

Everything from migraines to cancers, depression, osteoporosis, poor immunity and heart disease can be linked to low levels of vitamin D.

A survey conducted by Statistics Canada found evidence that two-thirds of the Canadian population has vitamin D levels below the required amount associated with optimal health.

Are you part of this statistic?

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