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Dr. Johnson - Red Deer Advocate

How and why to eat a whole foods diet

As we welcome 2016 and the New Year gets underway, resolutions and lifestyle changes are of high priority. It is that time of year again where the word “diet” is all around us. It is when the quick fixes are being signed up for at record pace so individuals can shed a few pounds in time for bikini season.

Unfortunately, statistics show us time and time again that most people do not make it past January with their renewed efforts at eating well.

So what is the answer? I believe it is a whole foods diet.

What is a whole foods diet? It takes you back to the basics of eating, without over-thinking what we are doing. It is selecting, preparing and consuming foods close to how they are found in nature: unprocessed; unrefined and free from preservatives, additives, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Although it is becoming more and more difficult to find foods in their natural form, at the very minimum, it can help one to be more aware of the ingredients they are eating and reduce their exposure to processed foods.

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