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Why the bubble will eventually burst in the old car hobby

The old car hobby is currently alive and well in 2014. Barrett-Jackson's prices at Scottsdale showed a healthy market for the old iron and a recovery from the 2008 collapse in the US economy.

The times are good right now and for the foreseeable future, but the biggest threat to the old car hobby is still ahead for car guys.

The time will come when the current population of car guys will have to pass the torch to the next generation and I doubt whether the younger population will embrace the hobby with enough enthusiasm to keep the old iron on the road and out of museums.

By next generation, I mean an under-30 crowd because their interests are far removed from the old car hobby in most cases. They have grown up in a wired generation where they are interested in more power in their I-phones than under the hood of their cars, if they even own a car.

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How to dig out of a snowstorm

We have a winter where cold weather has become a hot-button issue. This year’s generous supply of snow has been the centre of attention for two months and we are a long way from the clubhouse turn on the winter season here in Red Deer.

The big question for people in this city is snow removal and the answer has not been provided by the City of Red Deer.

We have endured long, cold and snowy winters before in Red Deer — most of my youthful years in this area fall into this category — but the snow removal problem has never been properly addressed over the years.

I can remember the ugly winter of 1973-74, when I seemed to get stuck just about everywhere I drove in this city, up to and including 32nd Street.

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