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Chris Salomons - Red Deer Advocate

As the kitchen coordinator at Potter's Hands, I am witness to plenty of strange, weird, funny, tragic, and wonderful happenings. But the greatest part of this work is the people that I meet. In this blog, I will introduce you to the people and things I observe, experience, and deal with as well as some of our plans for the future.

TrudeauMania — again?


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Red Deer Advocate

The first one tried to take our oil, and now we have one trying to take the very heart and soul of our people!

So you want to keep marijuana out of the hands of our children do you; and legalizing a harmful drug is your way of doing that?

Even with all your laws, regulations, penalties, and other methods, you cannot even keep cigarettes or alcohol out of children’s hands. Whatever makes you think you can succeed with marijuana? As is typical with just about all bureaucratic interference, the cost of regulating will be so high that all too soon you will place a “sin tax” on it, placing it out of the range people will want to pay, thereby fostering a black market; just like has happened with cigarettes and booze.

I’ve been lambasted several times for calling marijuana a gateway drug and to this point I have not been convinced by anybody’s argument to change my mind. Calling me a bigot or a jerk will not do it! I still continue to work with the results every day and as long as I do, I cannot find it in my heart to endorse the use of marijuana let alone the legalizing of it.

Granted, not everybody that smokes weed becomes a hardcore druggie, but I bet that it will be just as hard as or harder for them to quit grass than it was for me to quit cigarettes.

By putting the stamp “LEGAL” on marijuana you give people the illogical reasoning to totally accept and abuse the situation. If you don’t believe me, look at the last thirty or so years. When your father rewrote the constitution, he gave courts the right to nullify any law ever passed by an elected government. And judges are now allowed to judge with their particular bent rather than fully interpreting the law.

Sorry; got off track there for a moment! But I do believe that by legalizing this harmful drug, a stamp of approval is placed on it, the health effects of the smoking of it ignored, and the effects on the mental state of people approved. A lot of the people I now know are examples of this, and they know that what I’m saying is true, but they also know that I’m not criticizing them, rather I’m criticizing the drug they are captivated by.

So many studies have been done by trained scientists and researchers into the effects of constant marijuana use that legalizing it is tantamount to telling Canadians what then Member of Parliament John Monroe said about us. His statement was to this effect; “Canadians as a rule don’t have the capacity to know what they want, so we as their leaders will decide for them.”

I try very hard not to be cynical, but when a politician talks about; no; promises to legalize marijuana, also to provide us with a comprehensive Mental Health plan, then I’m about ready to explode. The last comprehensive mental health plan closed a lot of institutions putting those clients who now found themselves “free” on the streets; totally susceptible to all the marijuana dealers of the day!

The one thing mentioned even though it was a side note, was to get tough on crime. That was the only thing mentioned in the article I read that promotes the well being and positive growth of society; which by the way, I thought politicians were supposed to stand for.

Either I am getting old and out of sync with society, or my understanding is correct and I’m being hornswaggled yet once again by a career politician.

That’s the way I see it anyways.

— Chris


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