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Street Tales

We reap what we sow

Every morning he puts on his suit and tie to begin his day’s work; the worries of the day to come taking precedence over the welfare of his family. Not that he does not care about them, but he feels compelled to concern himself with living and working in a highly competitive workforce and society.

With a last look at her hair and her clothes to make sure everything is just right, she starts toward the door to go to work when her daughter approaches her.

“Mom, can I ask you something?”

“Not right now dear, I’m almost late for work, we can talk later.”

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Climbing ladders

“Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus,

Every body wants to be the lead singer in the band.”

This song put out by a group called The Oak Ridge Boys came to mind this last couple of weeks. Several things have happened that make me realize that these words carry some validity; they’re not just some pretty words in a song. They in fact are a good analogy of the way that we are at times.

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