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Street Tales

Indifference allows violence

Somewhere in this country we have dropped the ball; furthermore, we have placed cushions all over, so the ball won’t make a noise or a harmful impact.

Confused? Well so am I!

I am still trying to wrap my head around what I see and hear in the media and the seemingly losing battle I see society struggling to cope with.

On the one hand, I see a country spending countless dollars and an infinite amount of energy battling violence against women, while on the other, we listen to a public figure declare that he is into violent sex, which involves beating, striking and otherwise demeaning women by indulging in his sexual fantasies.

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Services for impoverished are crucial

Often in my articles, I bash or ridicule the government.

I really don’t want to and sometimes feel bad when I do, but usually I have a definite reason for doing so.

So before I proceed with a discourse on this subject, I need to say that I fully respect and will do as levels of government legislate.

Even when they strip me of some rights that former governments have granted us within our Constitution.

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Accepting the extraordinary of being ordinary

In my articles, I always write about the totally downtrodden or the crackheads or the ones who make dramatic changes, or the problematic individuals. Very seldom do I, or anyone else for that matter, write about those whose lives are never dramatic or noteworthy, they’re just ordinary.

At just about every breakfast that I serve, he comes into the kitchen and is always sure to greet me.

An average-sized man with average good looks, dressed neatly and ready to go to work. “Fred’s” lopsided grin is one that I always look forward to because it’s folks like him who remind me daily that not everyone is into a negative lifestyle.

To battle the often mundaneness of our existence, we look for the dramatic things in life in order to ‘spice up’ our own lives.

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Climbing ladders

“Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus,

Every body wants to be the lead singer in the band.”

This song put out by a group called The Oak Ridge Boys came to mind this last couple of weeks. Several things have happened that make me realize that these words carry some validity; they’re not just some pretty words in a song. They in fact are a good analogy of the way that we are at times.

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