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Street Tales

Are phones raising our kids?

A suave and debonair man gets into his vehicle, but it’s obvious he is not paying attention to his driving because as he drifts out of his lane, his vehicle gives him a warning sound.

Then as he mindlessly carries on — he does not pay attention to another car coming up beside him, so once again he is alerted by an alarm tone.

And then, as if that’s not bad enough, he totally ignores the fact that he is rapidly approaching the garbage truck in front of him. But in this case, not only does he get pinged with a tone, now the brakes automatically come on for him.

So, with an exaggerated sigh of relief, this clueless driver lives to see another day. After all, he has had a very hard day.

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Climbing ladders

“Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus,

Every body wants to be the lead singer in the band.”

This song put out by a group called The Oak Ridge Boys came to mind this last couple of weeks. Several things have happened that make me realize that these words carry some validity; they’re not just some pretty words in a song. They in fact are a good analogy of the way that we are at times.

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