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Street Tales

Working with what we have

In my semi-retirement, I have Wednesday to Sunday off. Talk about a long weekend!

It’s Friday and as I sit at my computer, I look outside at the grey skies that are no different than yesterday, except that yesterday it was snowing as well as cold. These are days that if you don’t have to venture out, you don’t, so I didn’t. At least not initially.

By early afternoon I started to get antsy and looked for something different to do, so I headed out to my workshop and puttered around out there. When I’d had enough of that, I came into the house and found something to do, of which there is always something that needs doing. Also, yesterday we went for a long walk.

In other words, I have an escape from being bored.

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Patience will eventually win the day

Being a Christian-run soup kitchen, we have always felt that we have something positive to offer in this troubled world.

But at the same time, we also know that many want nothing to do with any faith whatsoever.

We are constantly aware that we are under a very critical microscope in the way we ourselves act.

Whenever we have a meal, the only thing we ask of the clients is that we are able to have a short couple of minute’s devotion and prayer for the meal. Other than this short time, we do not force anything on anyone; if they want to know more, they can approach us. It is not a prerequisite to a meal.

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Climbing ladders

“Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus,

Every body wants to be the lead singer in the band.”

This song put out by a group called The Oak Ridge Boys came to mind this last couple of weeks. Several things have happened that make me realize that these words carry some validity; they’re not just some pretty words in a song. They in fact are a good analogy of the way that we are at times.

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