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Street Tales

From happy to sad in a heartbeat

“What’s for supper” is the most common sound on a Tuesday while we are preparing it.

“If I told you I’d have to kill you “is my standard response.

With a few chuckles on both sides, they leave and we are once again left to work.

Overall, a fairly standard Tuesday, but something was in the air.

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Even small changes welcome

“Chris, you’ve really got to help the piano man, he fell off the wagon real bad this time; he’s going to lose his place so I called Detox for him,” the Piano Man’s friend was almost pleading with me.

“I went to the doctor to get my results, and the spot on my lung has grown two millimetres in one week; they had a cancellation so I go into hospital next week for a biopsy.” She’s scared, but is confident in the fact that she has a support community she can rely on.

“I’m ok I guess,” she speaks in a jittery style so common to long time crackers, (even though she no longer uses it) “I’m living with a sugar daddy; the jerk wants sex every five minutes but at least I have a roof over my head and I eat well. Nobody will rent to me so this is what I have to do.”

All three of these people have made a major impact on my life, and with these three comments that I heard this week alone; it made me stop and reflect on what has transpired in the last four years.

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Science isn’t the only explanation

One of the ways that I like to relax is to lay back in my Lazy Boy and watch nature and scientific shows.

I’m not much of a movie fan (much to my wife’s chagrin), and sitcoms and the like are an insult to what little intelligence that I have, so about the only thing left is documentary type shows and the news.

By now you will know that I love to find out how things work; what makes them function, and how they are put together.

Growing up, I was constantly being chastised for taking apart a clock or a bicycle, or even a vacuum cleaner.

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Remembering fathers, the good and not so good

As I look around the restaurant that my son and his wife have taken us to, I see a room full of families enjoying each other’s company and honouring their fathers.

After all, it is Father’s Day and so much of the focus was on them.

Even the restaurant in question handed out a bottle of their own brand of barbecue sauce to the fathers in the same way they had handed out roses to mothers on Mother’s Day as an acknowledgement of the importance of parents.

Even though I was very grateful and honoured to be a father in a room full of the same, my thoughts turned to my friends downtown; many of them disassociated from their fathers for as many reasons as there are people.

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Climbing ladders

“Nobody wants to play rhythm guitar behind Jesus,

Every body wants to be the lead singer in the band.”

This song put out by a group called The Oak Ridge Boys came to mind this last couple of weeks. Several things have happened that make me realize that these words carry some validity; they’re not just some pretty words in a song. They in fact are a good analogy of the way that we are at times.

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