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Leo Paré

A letter to new parents

Dear Happy Couple:

Congratulations on your pregnancy or new baby! You are about to embark on an exhilarating, exhausting, life-altering journey that you are totally and completely unprepared for!

When our first child was born almost four years ago, I was nervous, but confident — perhaps even a tad cocky. I’d given fatherhood some thought, I’d taken some mental notes as a kid and I’d observed some of our friends with their own children.

As we neared our delivery date, I remember thinking to myself: “OK, Leo, you’ve got this.”

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My first Father’s Day as a father

I awoke Sunday morning with the feeling I was being watched.

Still foggy with sleep, I looked to my left and saw the gleaming blue eyes of my three-month-old son Grayson staring at me. My wife, Amanda, had him propped up on her pillow in anticipation of me waking up to my first Father’s Day as an honest-to-goodness daddy.

“Hey dude,” I said, and he replied with a happy gurgling sound and an ear-to-ear grin.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to start that day — or any day, really.

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Falcon Cam the ultimate reality show

I’ve developed a mild obsession recently.

Over the past week, I’ve taken in so much information on peregrine falcons that I’ve started to forget other stuff.

In March, we at the Advocate newsroom heard about the Red Deer River Naturalist’s ambitious plans to place a webcam in the famous falcon nest in the Highland Green Telus tower.

From the moment the cam went live in mid April, my colleagues and I were hooked.

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