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Fire destroys apartment building in Penhold

With ashen debris raining down on his weary head, the timbers of the engulfed Wild Rose Manor loudly cracking behind him, Jim Harrison walked barefoot onto Windsor Crescent shaking his head.

“I’ve never seen anything go up that fast in my life, never in my life. I can’t believe how fast that thing went up! What is the building made of — sawdust?” said Harrison, his face and bare arms marked with soot. READ

Michener: The Closing Doors — Part 8 — Care improves over the history of Michener Centre

Screaming, kicking and biting in the dentist’s chair sounds extreme. But Lily Breland said her sons Ryan Breland, 40, and Daniel, 35, regularly lash out in anger and fear when they visit the dentist. READ

Michener: The Closing Doors — Part 7 — Life at Michener a blessing and a curse for Leilani O'Malley

You’ve probably heard of Leilani Muir. It was her 1995 trial that brought to public attention the darkest abuse of Michener Centre residents that went on for 44 years — involuntary sterilizations. READ

Michener: The Closing Doors — Part 4 — Michener offered families peace of mind

Freedom is an unlikely word to spring to mind to describe Michener Centre. READ

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