Chris Campbell

Hard to believe this is a screenshot: the graphics on Forza Motorsports 4 are deceivingly real.

Forza Motorsports 4 revs up the action

Similar to a successful car franchise that puts out a new edition each year that looks and drives the same but has a few new features, so goes Forza Motorsport 4.

Hard to believe this is a screenshot: the graphics on Forza Motorsports 4 are deceivingly real.

NBA is A-OK, X-Men is A-Z boredom

NBA fans, rejoice: This game is 100 percent labor-dispute free. I jest, but with little end in sight to the NBA lockout, this is the only chance hoops fans will get to play updated professional basketball in the near term.

  • Oct 14, 2011

Improved defence makes FIFA Soccer 12 a winner

EA Sports has made significant alterations to FIFA’s core gameplay. These changes further solidify the FIFA franchise as the dominant soccer series on the market. The most noticeable modification is to how defences work on the pitch. Previously you controlled a defender and tried to shut down opponents individually using button combinations.


Gears trilogy ends on a stellar note

Gears of War has been one of the best shooter franchises in gaming history, and the final installment of this trilogy offers strong, well-rounded and thrilling action.

No need to ‘cherchez la femme’ — the heroines here will find you

Growing up, I always preferred Ms. Pac-Man to the original. The level design was more intriguing, and the cutscenes were injected with more humor.

  • Aug 25, 2011

Phineas and Ferb simple fun

As summer stretches on, most gaming companies release fewer titles, preferring to wait for the fall/holiday bonanza. This gives me time to review some games I might have otherwise overlooked.


Fear not, F.E.A.R. 3 lives up to billing

The F.E.A.R. franchise has seen its ups and downs. The series blends many of the best elements of military-themed shooters and horror titles, though the sequel was less successful than the original in delivering a well-rounded experience.


Bastion creates a beautiful world; Potter magic fizzles

When Xbox Live Arcade first offered downloadable games, they were cute one-offs and short-lived experiences.


Eden sings like nothing you’ve played before

Child of Eden is technically a shooting game — but in it, your weapon is filled with groovy bullets.


Cars 2 takes you back to Mario-land, and that’s good

I’ve never cared much for the Cars movie franchise, but even I can admit that this namesake game delivers a top-notch experience.


’Scuse me, but I gotta save New York from aliens

Aliens apparently love to attack New York City, so the Crysis franchise has schlepped its first-person-shooter sequel to the Big Apple.

A worthy reason to go back to the Age of Dragons

With new characters, new quests, more dragons and a streamlined progression system, Dragon Age II is a worthy sequel to Dragon Age: Origins.

Fight Night a knockout

Bare-knuckle fights, corrupt promoters, Rocky-like comebacks — they’re the stuff of boxing. Now they come in video-game form with Fight Night Champion.

Breach fails to make itself stand out in the crowd

Breach, the latest addition to the catalogue of military-themed shooters, offers the features gamers have come to expect: First-person shooter. Military scenarios. Varying terrain and maps. Team-based multiplayer mode. Upgradable weapons.

DC creates a good universe; Mindjack doesn’t

Not every online multiplayer game strives to be World of Warcraft. Being fast, furious and effective in a rather abbreviated time span can actually work in a game’s favor, as long as the game effectively provides what it promises.

Create your own game levels, if not a planet

Two years ago, Little Big Planet changed the nature of user-created gaming. Instead of bland, 2-D levels that offered only nominal functionality, “LBP” introduced high-level game creation that impressed nearly everyone.

Active 2 decent workout; Lost in Shadow slow going

Now that the holidays are past, it’s time even for gamers to think about fitness. EA Sports Active 2 fits that need like a new pair of sneakers, reminding you that shaping up can be engaging and fun, and doesn’t have to involve sweating in front of strangers.


Good storylines always have another chapter

It wasn’t too long ago that my buddy Kelly called to say he’d finally finished Assassin’s Creed 2 and was thrilled with the cliffhanger ending. I hope he’s ready to don the robes and dual blades again, because the franchise’s third edition is here.


Even though this is a Fable, don’t be evil

One of the defining characteristics of the first two Fable games was a heavy emphasis on moral choices. You were open to make inherently good or evil choices, be it against characters, towns and so forth.

You can conquer Vanquish in a weekend rental

Vanquish is so overloaded with bullets, explosions, speed and electronic music that gamers will teeter between sensory overload and happy amusement.