David Suzuki

Bicycling infrastructure pays dividends

Most arguments against bike lanes are absurd. Consider this: We have wide roads everywhere to accommodate cars, most of which carry only one person.

Just who is actually in charge?

In 2008, economics student Tim DeChristopher went to an auction set up by the Bush administration for the oil and gas industry.

Cherry picking the lessons of life

When my daughter Severn was born in 1979, my wife Tara and I wanted to raise her with an understanding that a lot of food is seasonal, particularly vegetables and fruits, especially in a country like Canada.

Natural gas is not the solution

Can a fossil fuel help us avoid the harmful effects of other fossil fuels? It’s a question that’s come up lately as natural gas is eyed as a cleaner alternative to oil and coal.

  • Jul 25, 2011

When fiction becomes fact

In their desperation to find even a tiny shred of peer-reviewed science to challenge the volumes of research from around the world about human-caused climate change, deniers have often held up Willie Soon’s work.

The answer is blowing in the wind

Wind energy is increasingly being considered a viable and attractive power source.

Ocean report a wake-up call for the world

Oceans keep us alive. They provide food, oxygen, water, medicines, and recreation.