Jesseca Johanson

Childhood obesity can be fought by example

Weight loss, healthy eating — we are bombarded by these lifestyle changes almost as much as we are with fast food ads.

Why some teens quit school

When it comes to dropping out of high school, there are so many factors that can lead to this decision.

Be sure to answer that cry for help

Take a walk through the local malls, or a drive down any main street and you’re likely to come across a group of teens with flat ironed hair ravaged by the effects of bleaching or dyeing, back combed and hair sprayed into place.

Family, extended family great support

Five years ago, Northern Alberta was booming with the oil and gas industry and people across the country were flocking north to grab their piece of the pie.

Children need to learn gentleness around pets

Since humans started domesticating animals, pets have become a constant in many people’s lives.