John Stewart

History and homage

As Canadians debate our military’s role in Afghanistan, its evolving role in future international strife, and even the need to give the military identity a facelift, it is important to remember that armed forces, at their core, are about extraordinary people who are prepared to do remarkable things on behalf of the nation.

The new face of downtown

The risk of building Executive Place in downtown Red Deer was apparently always acceptable for the developer.

One-stop anti-crime shop

There is far more to building and sustaining a safe community than hiring and equipping police officers.

An eye on the bottom line

The fundamentals of economic failure almost always hinge on one variable: leadership.

Why must we be slobs?

How did we become a community of litterbugs? Look around you — cigarettes, packaging, fast-food waste and other discarded items can be found on virtually every street corner in Red Deer, in every park and on every vacant lot any day of the week.

Fund policy defies fairness

A Veterans Affairs Canada policy that denies veterans funding for long-term care if they choose private care is both ludicrous and heartless.

Westerner Days’ next step

As the trucks load up and roll out after another successful Westerner Days week, and the taste of fair food is a fading memory, what should we take from Central Alberta’s biggest summer celebration?

Still no fiscal plan in sight

Alberta is suddenly awash in money for a variety of public projects and programs. Should we be suspicious or thankful?

The high cost of feeling safe

No single initiative will curtail crime in Canada. But it is fair for Canadians to expect governments to keep trying.

No quick solution to gang violence

The mess found on many native communities in this country will not go away quickly or without dedication.

Public debate is best

Canadians should neither be insulted by, nor distrustful of the New Democrat Party’s discussion of a merger with the Liberals and its debate over its socialist label.