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Alcohol’s impact affected by genes, studies show

“I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken from me,’’ Winston Churchill once observed.

  • Nov 3, 2011

Babies die in unsafe sleep spots, despite cribs: study

Babies are dying in places where they should never be laid down to sleep, despite the presence of cribs in their homes, new research presented at a gathering of the nation’s pediatricians shows.

  • Oct 19, 2011

Germs get better at dodging antibiotics

It appears that germs are naturally craftier at dodging antibiotics than we’ve thought. Bacteria, recent research suggests, have a lot more experience at making adjustments to hostile environments than just the 80 years or so that humans have been trying to quash them with manufactured medicines.

  • Sep 28, 2011
Getting out to walk the dog is a well-advertised health benefit

Dog ownership has its benefits

Dogs have been keeping company with humans for at least 15,000 years, cats maybe half as long, but researchers continue to learn new lessons about our pets and how we influence each other.

Getting out to walk the dog is a well-advertised health benefit

Authorities solving 46 per cent of reported cases of food-borne illness

Health investigators did a better job figuring out what caused food-borne illness in 2008 than during any year in a decade, yet still solved less than half of the outbreaks, according to a new report.

Weather Service forecasts honed for unprepared public

The National Weather Service’s warning in New Orleans the morning before Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 still stands out as one of the agency’s most urgent alerts ever issued.

Water smokers produce gastronomical delights

Quitting smoking? The triggers for success are in your head

Researchers are finding strong evidence that parts of the brain are involved in gaining control over smoking and nicotine addiction, and that different areas may be important for each individual.

Water smokers produce gastronomical delights

Sitting around is a health hazard

Medical research seems to intersect with common sense a lot.

Girls eat breakfast at their school desks in Lorain

Studying what makes us fat

What makes us get fat? We all know, deep down, that obesity comes when we consume more calories than we burn on a regular basis.

Girls eat breakfast at their school desks in Lorain