Madhu Badoni

Sweet potatoes? Yams? Confusion reigns around these nutritious tubers

You say yam, I say sweet potato. So which is it? I grew up eating both. Or, so I thought.

New Delhi treats and sweets (photo gallery)

As I watched the Commonwealth games in India, the reporters weaving in and out of the familiar streets of my hometown, Delhi, had my taste buds reminiscing of the distinct tastes and flavours of this city.

Candied ginger finds its way into nearly everything (photo gallery)

When it comes to ginger, I truly love it. Herbalists and nutritionists tout the health benefits of eating this knobby fibrous root , but I simply use it because I enjoy the citrusy, spicy taste.

Allergen-free treats for the whole class

According to Health Canada, dairy, eggs, and nuts are some of the most common food allergy culprits for young kids.

Gourmet grills

Hamburgers are the perfect summertime meal! There is nothing like sinking your teeth through a toasty bun, a crispy layer of vegetables, and then finally into the thick, succulent juicy burger!

What’s in a pie?

My favourite dessert to bake is an apple pie! However, my big dilemma always is whether to make my own crust or to seek help from Mr. Pillsbury!

Road trip into the ’50s

The 1950’s marked an era in time when soda fountain shops were the cornerstone of every town’s main street. Often housed in the drug store, the neighbourhood soda fountain counter served as a social gathering place for people of all ages.

Not your granny’s rhubarb (photo gallery)

A couple of generations ago, growing rhubarb was as common as keeping a vegetable garden. But as more and more exotic fruits became available, rhubarb was relegated to the realm of the boring and old fashioned.

India has a new food icon (and the world has another great flatbread)

Once upon a time, butter chicken, chicken curry and samosas were identified as the foods of India.

To learn about a country or culture, peek in their kitchen (photo gallery)

The best way to learn about a country is to look into their kitchen. I caught a glimpse of Japan by attending a Japanese cooking class hosted by Chef Ben Huo and Linda Henderson of the Rikubetsu Friendship Society in Lacombe.

Love baked in a cake (photo gallery)

Beautiful desserts and extravagant cake designs created by local chefs were showcased during the Evening of Decadent Dessert hosted by Children’s Services Centre (CSC).

On the Red Mile at the Cordon Bleu

I really enjoyed watching the movie Julie and Julia as Julia Child went through her trials and tribulations and ultimately graduating from the Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in Paris.

Wall-to-wall nuts

I have gone a little nutty in my kitchen and I can fully blame California Walnuts for putting me in this state.

Better than Belgian

For me, a hot crispy Belgian waffle topped with fresh strawberries and dollops of whipped cream takes me back to happy memories of walking through the streets of Brussels with a sweet treat in my hands.

Strong to the finach

I announced to my family that this St. Patrick’s Day is the opportune time to be “going green!” While to some this immediately implies being more environmentally friendly, but to my kids this means only one thing… “another green vegetable is going to be appearing in the meal!”

How to drink beer (As if we needed a lesson )

Drinking beer is simple, it’s something you do instinctively — gulp, swallow and repeat. But how often do you slowly savour your chosen brew rather than simply guzzle it down?

Nutritious and filling dahl puts spice and life into everyday comfort food

Dahl in India is what chicken soup is in Canada — a staple comfort food. Dal, daal, dahl, however you spell it, is a dish cooked daily in the Indian kitchen.

Unmatchable dinner rolls

They are a must at my house for Sunday dinners. They are a staple during the holiday spread and the perfect accompaniment for the wintery soups and stews. They arrive in that irresistible basket of hot, buttery dinner rolls.

Just plain comfort

Oatmeal is a blank canvas that is waiting for your personal textures and flavours If calendars had a place for calorie weigh in, my December would have toppled over!

Open House: a casual way to entertain (photo gallery)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” insists the department store and the television jingles. But entertaining during the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year too.