Paul Hemmingson

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing

Halloween ends and the countdown begins. Thirty days in November and twenty-four days until Christmas Day.

Stoned again – not on illegal substances

I am sick and tired of getting stoned. I will admit, publicly, that almost every day for the past few years I have been getting stoned, and I am unlikely to ever quit unless I get some help.

Willows add colour to landscape

The scenery of Alberta is at its most colourful in September. Hues of green, yellow, gold and orange, all set off with brilliant blue skies.

The turbo-charged stove

I recently installed a small wood-burning heat stove in my cabin. It quickly takes the chill off and the crackle of burning wood, punctuating my thoughts, is a comforting and unobtrusive noise to work by. It is like having classical music playing low in the background for the creative person.

The pain of Buyer’s Regret

I suppose many of us occasionally suffer from a case of Buyers Regret. By this I mean that emotional sense of remorse, or guilt, over making some major purchase and then later suffering the anxiety of post-purchase blues.