Sandra Nolan

Do you really need all that stuff? Sometimes it’s a good idea to allow a cooling off period before deciding if you really need what you want to buy. It can save you a bundle of money.

Save money by changing your buying habits

You know that when you do something over and over it soon becomes a habit. Try out some of these ideas for developing some new habits that may help you save money.

  • Feb 22, 2012
Do you really need all that stuff? Sometimes it’s a good idea to allow a cooling off period before deciding if you really need what you want to buy. It can save you a bundle of money.

To save money on a car, be prepared to walk

How you get around can cost you or you can save big depending on how you do it. Trains, buses or the LRT are all great ways to get to your destination. Check with your employer to see if they offer any discounts. Companies often receive discounts or package rates that they then pass on to you.

Shop first at home for school supplies

The return to school is coming up fast, now how can you manage to buy what you need without ending up broke?

Entertaining your summer friends

It’s summer. Relatives and friends from near and far are coming to visit. People are popping by while they are out and about.

  • Jul 26, 2011

Readers contribute to savings

Here is a collection of random ideas that have been passed on to me. This is a collection of ideas that readers have suggested as ways to save some money.

How-to books on budgeting not always the best guide

All right let’s discuss a question that came in to me. Basically the question was how come in a lot of the budgeting books that are out there they say how they can get a month’s worth of groceries for such little dollar amounts.

Sprucing up gardens at minimal cost

Spring is in the air. April showers bring May flowers though this year it will probably be April snow storms.

Every penny counts when you’re saving for the future

How do you save money for the future when you cannot pay for today. An emergency fund is an incredibly important part of your budget and for your life. That financial cushion is a life saver in the case of unexpected bills or problems.

New year can be a bargain-hunter’s dream

This time of year is a bargain hunters dream. It started with the pre-Christmas sales that everyone has going on.

Suiting up for organized sports on a budget

Organized sports are great for your kids. They get them off the couch and up being active.

Yule spending could be a recipe for disaster

Tis the season again. I caught a news report the other night and they were discussing how much each person was going to spend on the holidays this year.

Additional ways to save on your heating bill

Now that Halloween is over and the ghosts and goblins have retired for another year, let’s check out some more ways to cut your heating bill.

Buying in bulk saves money in the long run

Bulk buying is a good thing. Planning your meals in advance helps to save money on your grocery bills. You know what you need and can shop in bulk.

Control home heating during winter to cut energy costs

Where did the time go? Children have returned to their classrooms and books.

Cutting the costs of looking after your pets

They are members of the family, the ones who are always happy to see us. They are our pets, though who owns who is up for debate. We love them like crazy and we spend like crazy on them.

Easy savings on back-to-school items

Like the commercial says, “They are going back.” From pencil to paper, though now it is more like a scientific calculator and a laptop. The back to school shopping lists start coming out about this time of year.

Look for deals on the Net

Check out this unbelievable number: $1,872. That would be quite the wage to receive for working for only one hour.

The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you make

The price for roofing materials has literally hit the roof. The cost of a new roof can be five per cent or more of the total value of your home.

You can cut costs, while cutting your lawn

Lawn care: how do you cut back on the cost but still have a beautiful green lawn?

Conserve precious water and save money in the process

Water is something we all consum. We wash with it and flush it away. So how can we cut back on how much it costs us.