Habour Spas diversifying

Jim Roth continues to fill the sprawling premises he took over from The Brick last fall.

Jim Roth continues to fill the sprawling premises he took over from The Brick last fall.

The owner of Harbour Spas Home and Leisure announced on Monday that his business has acquired the assets of McAuley’s Electric Motors Ltd. McAuley’s operations — including 10 staff members — will move into its building at 6751 Gaetz Ave.

Roth said McAuley’s owner Darryl McAuley will remain involved as a partner in the combined business. He added that the two businesses complement one another.

“We’ve worked together on a lot of projects, and we just decided it’s a good time to join forces.”

Roth and his wife Linda bought Beachcomber Hot Tubs in 2004. They renamed the business Harbour Spas and in September relocated it to the 30,000-square-foot premises previously occupied by The Brick.

Since then, they’ve been filling the space with hot tubs, patio furniture, barbecues, saunas, rec room games and other products. But there’s still plenty of room for McAuley’s operations.

“With the extra space we’ve got here, it’s a perfect fit for both of us.”

Roth said McAuley’s has operated in Red Deer for more than 50 years. It carries a variety of pumps and motors, and has an extensive service department, he added.

This makes it an ideal addition for Harbour Spas, which has been expanding its own service department.

McAuley’s customer base includes agricultural and industrial businesses, noted Roth. The plan is to retain this work, and use it to further diversify Harbour Spas.

A new name that better reflects the combined business is a possibility for the future, he suggested.

The deal to acquire McAuley’s assets is scheduled to close on Wednesday, with the consolidation of the two businesses to occur within a few weeks.

In addition to its Red Deer headquarters, Harbour Spas operates two stores in Calgary. About 20 people work for the company, including a dozen in Red Deer.