Lacombe’s Juniper Emblems sold, moving

A decades-old business in Lacombe is moving to the next generation — and out of town.

A decades-old business in Lacombe is moving to the next generation — and out of town.

Gordon and Charlotte Davidiuk, who own Juniper Emblems, are selling out to their son Craig. Craig, who operates Ultimate Promotions in Squamish, B.C., plans to combine the two businesses under the Ultimate Promotions name and consolidate operations in Squamish.

“It’s pretty emotional, merging the two businesses and saying goodbye to the Juniper name,” said Craig, who helped with the business while growing up in Lacombe and returned years later to manage it for a period.

In 2002, he and his wife Courtney started Ultimate Productions — a company that sells a variety of promotional products to government, corporate and non-profit customers in British Columbia, Alberta and beyond.

Juniper Emblems was started in 1971 by Craig’s grandfather Marwood Swain, whose other business interests included Juniper Lodge and Juniper Esso. It became well-known as a manufacturer of lapel pins and other products, but got out of manufacturing about a decade ago, said Craig.

“Not much business was being done at our office per se. We had a couple staff, but we’d leased most of our building.”

His parents continued to obtain pins and other products from other manufacturers. Health problems affecting Charlotte finally convinced them to sell to their son.

With Ultimate Productions substantially the same type of business as Juniper Emblems, and with most sales occurring online, it made sense to combine the two, said Craig.

“It’s just kind of a natural progression. At least we’re keeping it in the family.”

Economies of scale and other new business practices will allow him to sell for less that Juniper Emblems could, he said.

Two Juniper Emblems employees, including one who worked remotely from her home on Vancouver Island, will now work for Ultimate Productions.

Craig said his mother is “quite ill,” but would appreciate greetings from friends and customers via Juniper Emblems’ Facebook page.