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Protruding metal prompts beer can recall

OTTAWA — A B.C.-based brewer is recalling two types of beer because of a problem with the cans.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the cans have defective seams that may have sharp metal sticking out from the rim.

The affected cans of Bowen Island brews are Artisan IPA and West Coast Lager are sold in six-packs in Alberta and British Columbia.

The Artisan IPA cans have codes starting with L18207, L18187, or L18215 while the Bowen Island cans have codes that begin with L18207.

The beer is produced by Northam Beverages Ltd., which initiated the recall, and the CFIA says anyone with the recalled beer should throw is out or return it to the store where purchased.

The federal agency says it has not received any reports of injuries linked to these products.