Therapy laser good for what ails pets

Laser therapy is going to the dogs — and cats.

Veterinary nurse Pam pennington

Veterinary nurse Pam pennington

Laser therapy is going to the dogs — and cats.

Long used to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint disorders and other ailments in people, laser therapy is now finding its way into a growing number of veterinarian clinics. East Hill Dog & Cat Hospital recently joined the list.

“We just started using it this week,” said Candice Blum, an animal health technician and office manager at the Red Deer clinic.

Although surgical lasers — which are used for cutting — are commonplace in vet clinics, Blum said East Hill Dog & Cat Hospital is the first that she’s aware of in this region to adopt this technology.

“The therapy laser is totally different,” she said. “This is more of a deep tissue light.”

It can be used to speed the healing of wounds and reduce inflammation, added Blum.

LiteCure LLC, the company that provided East Hill Dog & Cat Hospital with its therapy laser, lists on its website arthritis, degenerative joints, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, dental problems and ear infections as among the conditions that its system can treat.

“The ways we can use it are almost endless,” said Blum. “It’s quite a fantastic little machine.”

She said veterinary medicine has been trending toward rehabilitation and holistic alternatives to traditional treatments. And clinical trials involving laser therapy on animals have proven its effectiveness.

“I imagine over the next little while it’s going to start becoming more popular.”