Tim Hortons, franchisees in legal spat over ‘shattering’ coffee pots

Tim Hortons, franchisees in legal spat over ‘shattering’ coffee pots

Tim Hortons and a group of its franchisees are embroiled in another legal battle — this time over allegations that the company’s coffee and tea pots are prone to shattering, resulting in scalded and injured employees.

A letter from the Great White North Franchisee Association’s lawyer says some franchisees and employees suffered serious injuries from broken pots including burnt thighs, feet and genitals — a claim parent company Restaurant Brands International denies.

GWNFA says the pots RBI requires franchisees to use are putting workers and customers at risk, and asks for permission to source the pots from another supplier, which franchisees will do if the company fails to respond by September 7.

RBI says in a statement it has not changed the manufacturing of its coffee pots.

The company says it spoke to the manufacturer and confirmed the supplier has not changed how it makes or sources the product in over a decade.

RBI says it conducted extensive quality assurance testing that proves using the glass pots incorrectly is the only way to consistently break them.

The Canadian Press