An unlikely love affair with running

It’s sweaty. It’s uncomfortable. I’m so out of shape. Yes I hated running … until I didn’t.

It’s sweaty. It’s uncomfortable. I’m so out of shape.

Yes I hated running … until I didn’t.

A few years ago I was challenged to run a 10K and write about my training for the newspaper where I worked.

Let’s just say it was the hardest assignment ever. Running did not come easy for me. I didn’t have a runner’s body (if that at all exists) and I carried a few extra pounds.

I was in the what the hell is the point? camp.

But somewhere along the trail and between brief moments of self-loathing, I fell madly in love with running.

It remains an unlikely love affair that grows stronger with every kilometre.

Running has become my therapy and best stress reliever.

Since that 10K race, I have added five marathons, three 50Ks, a dozen or so half-marathons and shorter distances to my race tally.

Let me get this straight I am not what you call a “fast” runner. You will not find me at the head of the pack. I simply love to run. I admit I can get a little competitive but only with myself. I love running with new runners and explaining my joy of running. (I’m in the process of obtaining a coaching certification.)

Through running I have gained confidence, lost a few toenails, learned some life lessons and much more.

In my future biweekly columns, I will share all the ups and downs of my adventures. I will also introduce you to some pretty awesome Central Alberta runners and and shine some light on local races.

First things first, tomorrow I am heading to Lacombe for the Bill Nielsen Trail Run. I have been on the injury reserve list for most of the season so I am nervous about running 10 miles. Come back next week for my race review. I will also be chatting with the race director and other runners.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you:

Do you have a favourite running route in Central Alberta? What’s the worst piece of running advice you have ever received? Do you think running sucks? Have you ever run a beer mile? Did you find love on the trail? Want to show me a favourite running route?

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