Healthy motivation for the unmotivated

Despite the unlikelihood of making it through a day without hearing about “weight loss,” “get healthier,” “finding ways to have more energy” or some other insinuation regarding eating better — there are in fact those who don’t seem to care.

Despite the unlikelihood of making it through a day without hearing about “weight loss,” “get healthier,” “finding ways to have more energy” or some other insinuation regarding eating better — there are in fact those who don’t seem to care.

With the tons of ads on the radio or TV and all your friends and co-workers dishing about their struggles, you would think everyone wants to be healthier.

But there are those who don’t have the desire to change.

Don’t have the desire or just haven’t found their own personal motivation yet.

We can all do better in some way or another with the way we eat and live.

And although I admire (to a degree) those who don’t strive to change in some way, simply for their contentment with what is, I still believe that deep down there is something inside each of us that either makes us want to strive to be healthier or is numbing that drive with the very thing that could improve it . . . food.

Some people get so caught up in their comfort foods — whether it be pop, chips or fast food — that their bodies crave it and they cannot imagine eating a salad. If you are one of these people, it’s going to take some motivation.

The first thing to know is to never push yourself.

No lasting change comes from pushing or forcing yourself to do anything.

The drive must come from a pull. There must be a personal, compelling reason to make the shift.

When close family members or friends, or even you are diagnosed with a nutritionally-related illness — diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc., which too high of a percentage of our population are now contracting — this can often be a compelling reason to change.

Sometimes this hits home. Sometimes it doesn’t.

But the more people start to step up and lead healthier lifestyles, the more people will follow. We just need more leaders.

And we need you to be one of them.

So here are some simple tips to get anybody started:

• Eat fresh fruit everyday. Apples are simple, or grab some grapes. Dip in some almond butter for a great snack.

• Try oatmeal for breakfast. Add some fresh berries and a little almond milk. Sweeten with a handful of raisins, some unsweetened coconut flakes and a dollop of honey. When you’re ready to venture out, add ground flax or hemp seeds.

• Make a Greek salad. Simple. Tasty. Good for you. Add hemp seeds or chicken to make it a meal.

• Look up healthy recipes onlin and plan in advance — try a quinoa recipe or making a squash soup.

• Shop at a health food store. Check out the different products that are there. Lots of options!

• Talk to a friend who might be into healthier foods — ask them for some tips.

Staying motivated by educating yourself, watching documentaries such as Food Matters or reading a book on health will help you get the results you are looking for — lowered cholesterol, leaner body, or lower blood sugar levels.

Healthy food is a lot of fun, and the results of eating it can truly be life changing.

Kristin Fraser, BSc, is a registered holistic nutritionist and local freelance writer. Her column appears every second Wednesday. She can be reached at

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