Weddings can be weird and wonderful

Wedding season is in full swing. I have been to all kinds of weddings over the years and my favourite is always the most recent.

Wedding season is in full swing.

I have been to all kinds of weddings over the years and my favourite is always the most recent.

Recently we attended a wedding in the country – everything about it was beautiful: the setting, the ceremony, the exchanged vows written by the couple themselves and, of course, the bride.

Even the weather co-operated, though there were some nervous looks exchanged when a few drops of rain fell about 20 minutes before the ceremony was to take place. However, once the bride started down the aisle the wind died down, the clouds parted and by the time they said “I do” the sun had come out and we were taking off our jackets.

I love outdoor weddings, but I’m sure glad I’m not the one planning them. There are enough things that can go wrong without worrying about the weather!

If we lived in Jamaica that might be one thing, but living in Canada where the weather changes every five minutes must make for some anxious moments!

A few years ago we went to another memorable outdoor wedding in Hope, B.C.

If you’re going to tie the knot I can’t think of a more aptly named place to do it!

The wedding took place in a stand of old growth forest right where the Fraser and the Coquihalla rivers meet.

Just as the vows were completed a pair of Canadian geese appeared on the horizon.

Their distant honking grew louder and louder and as we all watched they flew in lower and lower, unbelievably landing on the river and swimming up right beside us.

You could spend thousands of dollars on a million white doves and never come close to matching that moment.

Animals are another thing I would never have the courage to include in a wedding.

If white doves were set free at the end of my ceremony I know as sure I’m sitting here they would poop on my head. And I’ve seen enough brides get bucked off horses or tumble out of runaway carriages with their legs flailing over their heads on America’s Funniest Videos to cross “horses” off the dream wedding list.

Not that I’m planning a wedding. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Or make that the dress. A couple weeks ago we celebrated our anniversary and my dress turned 26 years old somewhere in a sealed container at the back of our shed beneath some hockey gear. Did you know that the average bride spends $1,500 just on her dress?

Last summer we went to a wedding where the couple not only got married in their pyjamas, but all the guests were asked to wear their pyjamas as well.

I donned my nicest set of pyjamas while Darcy opted for a T-shirt and sweat pants and off we went.

Anticipating getting lost, we instead managed to arrive a bit early and to my horror everyone was wearing regular clothes.

It was just like those dreams I used to have of showing up at school in my pyjamas, only this time there was no waking up to sweet relief. I had just decided it was all some kind of cruel hoax and was ready to dive under the floor mats when cars started pulling in full of people in their PJ’s.

Turned out the others just hadn’t gone into the house to get changed yet.

The pyjama couple may have been drinking, but their vows sounded sincere. And I have to admit that it was one of the most relaxing weddings I have ever been to – except for the arrival part.

At one point I even suggested to Darcy that we go for a walk around the neighbourhood to burn off some of those delicious reception calories and he had to remind me that I was still in my pyjamas! But the best thing of all was that the young couple didn’t have to spend a fortune on clothes they would never wear again.

Some spend a fortune on their dress and then when the big day is over they set up a “trash the dress” or “rock the frock” photo shoot.

Artistic photographers have the bride pose floating in the ocean, rolling in mud or in rustic country backdrops without fear of ruining her dress. Sounds kooky but the pictures are incredible.

It’s almost enough to make me dig my old dress out and set up a dress trashing shoot myself. Almost.

Shannon McKinnon is a humour columnist from the Peace River country. You can read more of her writing online at