Chris Salomons: A world without control

More and more as I read and watch different news stories from around the world, I get a sense that we are currently living in a world without control; few exercise it and even go to the point of rejecting any control whatsoever.

As a result of this rejection of control we are increasingly accepting a humanity living in anarchy and chaos. Because of my observations, I once again began to reflect on the portions of history that we have ignored or set aside and as I have already quoted, “Those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat it,” I am seeing the chickens coming home to roost.

In my reflecting on history, I became aware that as the leadership lives, so goes the country. If you question my reasoning, take a look at all the historical development and subsequent demise of different countries and see if I am not correct. I could give you many examples, but that is not the intent of my study; what the people’s response to a leadership’s governance is. This has and is happening to many countries, so when a leader takes his position just to line his own pockets, it does not take too long before the citizens of the same country follow suit. We see it happening in many of the developing countries around the world, but it is also happening in many of the developed countries as well, including ours.

One of the most common examples of growing chaos is when a government enacts a law giving the people limited freedoms to pursue potentially harmful activity. It is not uncommon to see these same leaders soon lose any control whatsoever, often resulting in a growing chaotic lifestyle. Maybe that is now what the government intended, but there are many opportunists who will take full advantage of any relaxing of control. Look at the legalizing of pot; already many countries who have done so are now scrambling to retake some control over the results to no avail, the opportunity for control has left the station.

Often, when confronted with poor decisions that have been made leaders refuse to take responsibility for their actions, they say they did no wrong and so refuse to acknowledge that any law breaking was done. Is it any wonder that the people ruled by leadership like this adopt the same attitude? We see that happening in this country, so it makes me realize therein lies the basis for chaos. If standards and values we once held dear become eroded, control becomes an increasingly difficult task for any leadership to take.

When you have a leadership which declares that we live by rule of law and then breaks the law because in their eyes there was a good purpose behind their setting aside the law. Then I ask you, what value does the law have? Our country has been subjected to a huge trade war loss which cost many more jobs than any law infraction ever did, but still they claim no apology is required. The fact that almost every moral law was broken makes the rest of the law in this country almost redundant. Thank heaven that we still have many good people who desire to uphold the laws in place because they understand that without them chaos is the only result that can develop.

History also tells us that when a government of any country loses control, that country breaks up or at the very least leaves itself vulnerable to take over by other self-serving groups.

So many countries have the same problems leaving us to acknowledge that we live in a world without control. Do we have the will to change it?

Chris Salomons is a retired Red Deer resident with a concern for the downtrodden.

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