Family: Good Samaritans push car to safety

Treena Mielke

It started out as a clear blue and green summer day, and I felt like my very soul was in tune with the universe.

And on this Sunday in July when all seemed right with the world, I decided it was time I paid a little visit to my sister who lives, so it seems, on the other side of the world.

Actually, she lives in Red Deer and I live in Sylvan Lake so that is a distance of only about 18 kilometres last time I checked.

But, oh, to actually get to her house, a modest blue and white bungalow on 44 St. seems to take longer than forever.

It seemed life got in the way every time I planned to make the journey.

“For goodness’ sake,” I chided myself. “It’s not like you have to travel by horse and buggy to get there. So just go, already.”

And so, finally, I did. Or at least I tried to.

I set out on that shimmering strip of grey highway that separates me and my sister in high spirits, singing along to the radio, slightly offkey, but loudly, like I was in the shower, and no one could hear me, and I was happy.

And that is when it happened.

I was cruising along 30th Ave in my 2006 Hyundai that has so many kilometers on it that my kids say I should take a picture of the speedometer and send it to Hyundai, and they would not even believe it when the thing with my car happened.

The light turned red and so I stopped just like I was supposed to. And then the light turned green, and I put my foot on the gas and that is when it happened. The thing with my car.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

My car, my trusty Hyundai just quit.

“Help,” I said weakly, but no one seemed to hear me. “Help,” I said louder, but drivers only honked at me angrily and cars whizzed by.

Finally, I figured out how to put on my four-way flashers and about that time, I discovered there are good Samaritans in this world. As it so happened a couple of them happened to be driving down 30th Avenue at the same time I was – before I was not – because of the thing that happened.

The thing with my car.

Suddenly, one good Samaritan, who did not really look like a good Samaritan or an angel or anything, but just an ordinary guy appeared at my window and gently assured me he would push my car to safety if I could just steer it. Then another guy, who seemed quite ordinary, but was actually another angel and/or Good Samaritan incognito joined him and together they pushed my car to safety.

And then, as quickly as they came, they were gone.

I hope I said thanks. I think I did. I am sure I did. I must have.

Meanwhile my daughter and her husband showed up to rescue me, a tow truck pulled my car to the nearest service station, and it seemed once again, all is well, that ends well.

And I am here to tell you that I know that there are thieves and swindlers and con artists that live among us. I know that we need to be aware that evil does exist out there and it is important to lock our vehicles, and our homes and be wary of strangers on the telephone.

But I also know that on a clear blue and green day in July when 30th Avenue was alive with traffic and one terrified lady sat behind the steering wheel of a car that simply would not start, a couple of complete strangers took the time to stop and lend a helping hand when they could have just kept on driving.

And that tells me that good Samaritans, aka Earth Angels are alive and well and do live among us.

I only hope I said thanks. I think I did. I’m sure I did. I must have.

Treena Mielke is a central Alberta writer. She lives in Sylvan Lake with her family.