Market Gypsy: Setting intentions for 2018

Market Gypsy: Setting intentions for 2018

This moment on the calendar between hectic Christmas gatherings, the beginning of the New Year and setting resolutions. There are no parties to organize or attend. There is no desire to hit the strict diet or weight loss strategies just yet. It is a time of calm and quiet, where grabbing a book or going for a walk is perfectly OK and not scheduled with an end result. We do it because it feels good.

Hence resolutions are upon us and creeping in our consciousness. Should we or shouldn’t we set them is often debated. We don’t want to succumb to the pressures of society and set them for that sake alone, yet we do think about them. I don’t set resolutions. What I prefer to do is choose three words that define how I want to feel during the next year or words that define the projection for the year. I usually ask friends and family to do the same. We share our three words that we set to guide our next year’s goals and in doing so we support each other in achieving them. My three words to define 2018 are: intention, solace, and creative. If you choose to create your New Year this way, the three words consist of the character traits that you value as admirable, desirable and attainable for yourself. They may include loyalty, honesty, courage, faith, trust, patience, hope, compassion, integrity, wisdom, resilience, endurance, ambition, inner peace, and joy.

These qualities hold the keys to creating and achieving all your other goals. It is they ‘why’ that you must think about and the ‘how’ will occur. It is a way to focus on the end result with how you want to feel rather than a specific digit on the scale or measuring tape. It is how you want to feel regardless of your bank account. It is a focused intention.

A shift occurs when you move beyond just thinking about something and become resolved enough to write it down.

The way you want to feel is attainable through small steps, positive choices and believing in the possibility of creating it. Take a moment when you have time during this pre-New Year season and write down the three words to define how you want to feel this year. Take time to write out goals that will bring you closer to how you want to feel, the three words you choose.

The goals are concrete acts rather than only conceptualizing about them. Begin by writing them out. Also create ‘Your Giveaway’ as a conscious and intentional release of possessions, attitudes, limitations, addictions, false beliefs, obstacles, or fears that do not support your well being. Open yourself to the nourishment of grace and that something new and positive will replace it. Take paper to pen and write out 12 attainable goals, one for each month. Some may lead into another to create a larger yearly goal or they may simply be one thing a month that brings you closer to how you want to feel or towards all three of the words you chose to define your year. Share a few of them if not all of them with friends or family. Organize a party to celebrate and give way to a chance for everyone to share at least one of the goals and also a chance to share all three words to define their year. Get to know each other with positive and supportive ways by knowing a bit more about the person sharing their goals or three words with you.

Let’s encourage and support each other in creating a community that celebrates common, positive connections for 2018.

Sharlyn lives in Red Deer preparing for her second West Coast Trail hike or creating a feast with local ingredients. You can find more on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under ‘Market Gypsy.’