Robinson: Navigating business challenges together

Red Deer and District Chamber of Commerce CEO Scott Robinson (Photo contributed)

Welcome to the monthly Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce CEO “Business Bent” Column. My name is Scott Robinson, and I the new CEO for the Chamber. This column will be the view from the Chamber of Commerce on the latest trends, issues, challenges, and opportunities the business community is facing in Central Alberta. I aim to bring relevant, current, and critical viewpoints and information on what is impacting and shaping the business community in Red Deer and around Alberta.

There are three important things about the business community in Central Alberta that are important to share in our annual report as we look forward to 2023.

First, though challenged greatly through the pandemic the business community, has remained positive, resilient, and adaptable. We have a passionate business community that provides great products, services, and experiences for the citizens of Central Alberta.

In addition, the pandemic and its lasting effects have changed how businesses operate and serve their customers, and it will continue to impact the way in which business is conducted in the years ahead. to better serve businesses and the community. From online retailing, to increased customization to flexible workforce management much has changed and we at the Chamber will need to change to serve them better and the community.

Finally, there are new issues and challenges relative to businesses and the community that the Chamber will work to champion and address with the various stakeholders and levels of governments in the months and years ahead.

These issues include but are not limited to our fragile supply chain, changing and aging workforce, importance of our energy and agricultural industries and the need to get our Alberta products and resources to national and international markets. These issues we are currently faced with impact business confidence and growth moving forward through to 2023.

Our mission at the Chamber is to “foster an environment where businesses can lead, be innovative, be sustainable and grow” and coming out of the pandemic we are re-dedicating ourselves to deliver on this mission.

With a healthy and vibrant business community comes prosperity, community enrichment and engaged citizenship that benefits all parts of our society. We value input from our business community, click on this link or copy it into your browser and tell us your business-related successes, challenges and opinions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Robinson is the CEO of the Red Deer and District Chamber of Commerce. More info on chamber activities and events can be found at