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Third week of Advent: Joyful anticipation

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour in this Christmas season!

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour in this Christmas season!

The third week of advent is filled with anticipation of the joy of the coming of our Saviour.

In biblical times, Joseph and Mary had already departed for Bethlehem to register for the census called by the Roman government. The three wise men, after years of prophetic research, had already left from their homes in Asia, possibly in Persia.

In our daily lives, we often prepare for the Christmas season by decorating our homes with lights, garland, and garnishing our trees.

Why is that?

For families, setting a tree up and carefully placing strands of lights, pieces of tinsel, time honored decorations and the climax of the exercise-the Angel or the star have an important place in our lives. By this time, the children are excited about plugging the tree in or carefully placing the topper on the peak, held up lovingly by their father or mother.

Then, it happens. The Angel atop the tree lights up, and the faces of the children glow with excitement!


Not much has changed from biblical times. As Joseph and Mary traveled along the way to Bethlehem with their families, they would have spoke of the future. Knowing that their son would be THE saviour of the world must have made them tingle with excitement.

Just as the shepherds watched the stars by night, and the wise men traveled to Bethlehem, God sent joy foreshadowed by a star unlike any other, for a child unlike any other, for a time unlike any other.

In Matthew 2:10, we read:

“When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.”

For such a time as this, God send His son, that we might seek his joy instead of the pain and disappointment this world offers.

Look for joy in Jesus, our saviour this season and prepare for his birth in our hearts, mind and lives this season.

Tim Lasiuta is a Red Deer freelance writer.