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Rena Mae Vanson


September 27, 1958 - November 25, 2020
Celebrating Rena Mae Vanson
We are so grateful to have the ability to gather all those dear to Rena.
Please join our family to share the joy of Rena's life. Sunday, September 19th from 1-4pm at Heritage Ranch, Merchant Hall, 6300 Cronquist Drive, Red Deer.
There will be a variety of drinks and snacks served. We look forward to honouring her, the beautiful imprint she leaves on our hearts and the bright light she leaves on our paths.
We'd love to know if you can make it by September 1st. RSVP to Drew 403-506- 3739 or
*If there are any stories, memories or photos you would like to share with the family please forward to the above email address.