Christianity is the only religion that is true

Indeed! Religion cannot make you or me better, but — and this is a big ‘but’ — truth can indeed make us better.

Re. Paul Franck’s June 25 letter, headlined Religion has not made us better:

Indeed! Religion cannot make you or me better, but — and this is a big ‘but’ — truth can indeed make us better.

All world religions are man made, except one. True Christianity is not man made.

In fact, true Christianity is not religion. It is truth: the absolute truth about our creator God, about our existence and our human dilemma.

True Christianity presents a world view that is the only one that makes sense, the only one that can stand the test of reality, the only one that is validated by 3,000 years of recorded history, and 3,000 years of recorded human conduct.

What has history taught us? Many things, but perhaps the most obvious lesson is the one that much of mankind refuses to accept — that the nature of man is deeply flawed and badly in need of rescue (redemption). From the first family on Earth through to the present moral mess, mankind’s conduct is a sorry tale.

Collectively we are much like lemmings hurrying to an abyss.

Individually, we struggle to be a good person, but something in us keeps pulling us down.

Our lusts and selfish desires continually override our best intentions. Our natural vanity (pride) causes us to develop all sorts of philosophies and religions in an attempt to explain and satisfy our deepest needs. Our flawed nature causes us to circumvent the truth about ourselves and cling to any new idea that seems to vindicate us, to justify ourselves.

The letter writer states that he is 83 years old and to most of us we would assume that he has attained wisdom. Unfortunately, as is the case of all atheists, he lacks true wisdom. Indeed, he has no source for true wisdom. The Christian God is the only source for wisdom and atheists deny the existence of God.

However, there is an element of truth in the historical data that Franck puts forth. His “wise” conclusions though, are a long reach. And therein is the crux of the matter.

A man may absorb tons of historical data, tons of experience and analyze many centuries of human conduct, and still never arrive at a correct diagnosis of the human illness. The illness is not mental, it is not physical, it is very much a spiritual disease.

Much of mankind is in denial. We deny that the Holy Bible is true. We deny that we are in need of a serious moral makeover. We deny that we are incapable of solving our human dilemma.

As the Holy Bible states, “Vanity, vanity. . . . All is vanity.”

It is ironic, but true, that our personal vanity (pride) is the single factor that prevents us from knowing the truth about our human existence and human condition.

Our creator God is truth and he wants us to be able to receive his Word. He states in the Holy Bible, “When you seek me with all your heart, you will find me.”

For most of us, giving all my heart to anything is a rarity. But you would think that finding out the truth about God, myself and my eternal future would be the top priority for every person. But not so! We have a fatal flaw!

To honestly ask God to “Please come into my life” is a humble request that our loving God always, always responds to. But many people cannot summon the courage and humility to ask it.

The trait that would serve us well here is a lucid, self-examining honesty, but alas, our pride and independence is too strong.

If Advocate readers would take the time to read just the book of John in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, it may be the most important step in your lifetime. It is a love story, full of hope and truth. (A lightning bolt will not strike you dead!)

Jim Swan

Red Deer

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