Climate change a fraud

Congratulations to the Harper government for not signing onto the Kyoto Accord beyond 2012.

Congratulations to the Harper government for not signing onto the Kyoto Accord beyond 2012.

And thank you Japan and Russia for doing the same, also U.S.A., China and India for not signing in the first place.

Perhaps the seeds of sanity have been sown amongst this insane world of ‘global warming.’

Pardon me, the global warming theory has run out of steam — it is now “climate change,” caused by we evil humans who drive our cars to work so we can earn money to feed, clothe and shelter our loved ones from the elements and also to pay taxes, which go in part to pay for the grants given to the tree huggers so they can further their agenda.

Then there is the University of East Anglia in the U.K., who had been found (through computer hacking) to have deliberately altered the numbers on 1,100 documents to push their agenda on climate change.

Incidentally, the U.K. government, before the lies were revealed, was so dazzled by this research that they awarded the university hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds so they could extend their research on global warming.

Closer to home, we have the likes of Dr. David Suzuki. Remember Dr. Dave, the one who travelled across Canada in his 37-passenger bus powered by diesel fuel and hot air, preaching to the Canadian taxpayer that it was not good to drive our cars and if we continued to do so, the sky would most certainly fall!

Last, but not least, is the polar bear crowd, most of whom have never seen a polar bear, other than in the zoo, yet they clamber on to one dead polar bear (with death by natural causes), photographed from various angles and at various stages of decay using a multitude of backdrops to portray different locations.

I wonder if there were global alarmists around when our northern hemisphere was tropical? Just a thought.

Lloyd Wongstedt

Red Deer