Extendicare staff are overextended

Currently, my mom and sister are living at Michener Hill Extendicare in the same “household.”

Currently, my mom and sister are living at Michener Hill Extendicare in the same “household.”

I am not only a daughter and sister, I am their advocate and feel I must speak up.

The staff I have been in contact with at Michener Hill Extendicare are fantastic. They are working extremely hard to do their jobs.

My concerns are not with the staff presently working, it is with the lack of staff working and the shortage of necessary equipment.

As stated in Extendicare’s manual, its vision is “Extendicare’s commitment to residents is the foundation for our superior quality of care.” Is this “superior” quality of care?

Since opening, two households are sharing one lift, there are 15 residents needing this lift and requiring two staff to operate it.

So, when one of the two staff working in each household goes on a break, or the lift is at the other household, no one can go to the washroom, go to bed or get out of bed.

The two household staff are also required to:

l Get 12 wheelchair-ridden residents up and ready for the day or put to bed;

l Make, serve and clean up breakfast;

l Serve and do dishes for lunch and dinner;

l Feed residents that require assistance;

l Help those needing assistance to the washroom;

l Do some laundry;

l Make beds;

l Clean the resident rooms, etc.

When do you suppose they have time to extend this “superior” quality care to the residents?

The building and resident rooms are beautiful, but I would rather they be in an old, run-down building with them receiving the care and respect they deserve.

I have spent countless hours with them at Michener Hill, waiting and waiting for someone to come and help. Resident care must become the primary focus.

I challenge Alberta Health Services to do a surprise staffing audit on an evening shift, or, if you really want to see how things are being run, dare to go on a weekend.

I called Michener Hill Extendicare to discuss my concerns and their solutions on Nov. 10. I’m still waiting for a callback.

Lorraine Corbett

Red Deer