James Cameron is not Canada’s moral compass

James Cameron was here to look at the oilsands.

James Cameron was here to look at the oilsands.

Wow, when did we vote him to be the moral compass of Canada? Maybe instead of saying it is a black eye against Canada, he should shush and hope no one sees what he is doing.

Here is a guy who says he is a proud Canadian, yet lives in the U.S. He has over five cars to his name, none are hybrids. He has a heated pool at his home in the desert. Wonder how that impacts the water table? He has his own yacht and jet, but figures we need to clean up the oil extractions. Do his run on vegetable oil?

Seems he has had a few complaints against him about dumping stuff into the ocean himself. After the movie Abyss was finished, they dumped the chlorinated water into the bay. I am no expert but I wouldn’t think that wasn’t too bright of a move. Sure the fish didn’t think so either.

Wonder how fast he would be moving if we took the oil away from him?

Why is it that when someone makes lots of money, they feel it gives them the right to preach to us all about how to live our lives. Granted, I really enjoy his movies, but I certainly didn’t expect that by seeing his movies it was allowing him to ramble on and on about his concern about the environment and the way Canada is adding to the problems.

We all have concerns, you would have to be stupid not to.

Until we can get one of these big shots to set a good example, I suggest they all just shut up and do what they are paid to do. In his case, direct movies.

Deb Stanton

Red Deer